They know where I live..part 2 Sex Story

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By Danni

15 just a normal innocent kid until I sucked my 1st cock now strangers know where I live n cum by to use my naked body

Since my name/ address got on the bathroom stall and word got out about a young hot boy who loves being a cocksucking cumloving slut 4 strangers, I’m getting scared worried getting caught by my mom.. it used to be they would only cum on weekends nights..
Now they are cummming by almost anytime even when my mom is home..

And it’s been over a month since my so called Daddy the fat old guy who outed me on the bathroom walls has seen me.. I let him take my virginity and loved it… i beginning 2 think he just used me and threw me away like trash.
I got over him by being more aggressive bolder when strangers cum by now.. Sunday afternoon mom is home I’m in the garage sucking some guy door wide open if anyone drove by looked could see me nakedonmyknees.. I’m moaning loudly not caring if someone hears..

A car pulls up in the driveway I glance over a cock in my mouth..motion 4 him with lust in my eyes. He pulls his pants down starts to jack off on my face my body while I’m still sucking this other guy who suddenly cums watching that guy jacking off on me.

Cum in my mouth on my face my body panting on the floor rubbing cum on my body my face my fingers I’m licking two guy’s cum in my mouth..

“ Look at you fucking little pretty boy moaning like a bitch in heat sucking cocks fuck boy your mom is home don’t you care.. Everyone knows your a cocksucking cumloving slut fuck you are so hot… B4 he could say anything more I kissed him rubbing my cum soaked body all over him French kissing swapping tongues…fuck I’m just a little cock slut..

It’s Friday night I’m just in panties anxiously waiting for the doorbell to ring.. fuck it’s getting late usually by this time I’ve gone down on at least two+ guys. I open the door walking towards the garage showing off my petite sexy body. Not caring who sees me kinda hoping it adds to my excitement teasing flirting it lets everybody know what I am looking for.

A van pulls up in the driveway I’m smiling licking my lips finally I thought my first cock of the night.. I can see two guys I smile in my panties wiggling my sweet ass. I open the garage door I put a blowup mattress there got tired of being on my knees on steps sidewalk driveway.

Plus I’m getting hornier bolder I want people to see me in the garage in panties I want/ need to be watched sucking cocks it turns me on sooo much being a cocksucking cumloving slut just sucking everyone who cums by.

I turn around winking at the two guys in the van licking my lips wiggling my ass I sit on the mattress spreading my legs. Teasing flirting like a good little boy.
Much to my surprise or EXCITEMENT the side door of the van opened up and 6 naked guys walked inside the garage everyone of them hard showing me beautiful lovely cocks just for me,

I kneel in the middle of the mattress slowly they touch my almost naked body squeezing pinching my nipples I squirm moaning I feel hands all over me lips are kissing my body my nipples my neck biting giving me hickies.. my panties are ripped off some guy is sucking on my ass another on my balls another on my cock.

I’m in pure ecstasy all these guys worshiping my naked body I’m French Kissing swapping tongues my legs body arm’s being sucked on all over nibbling biting I’m getting hickies all my body like I’m being branded..

“ You miss me baby missed having your daddy fucking you like a girl seeding your boipussy “:
I looked over it was that old fat guy my daddy I wanted to say something but someone was sliding his cock in my mouth.
“ Look at you my little slut my baby so incredibly hot you are so submissive so willingly these 8 guys are from the park you sucked them all once or twice they know you only been fucked once by me your Daddy and now they are all going to fuck you like the little girl you want to be”:

“:Oooh god oooh daddy yes oooh fuck me first please I missed you your wonderful cock fuck me daddybfuck your little girl fuck my boipussy seed me first then everyone else can fuck my pussy my mouth oooh god oooh fuck yes”

One by one I was letting myself get fucked so much cum so many cocks I lost count after like 7 or so other people were cummming by fucking my pussy my mouth. I felt my legs being spread wider cum was leaking out my ass I felt a huge cock sliding in me and then another one.

OMG I was getting doubled fucked two cocks going inside me,
“ Ooooh god ooohbyes look at me oooh fuck look at me two cocks fucking me ooooh yes look at me” I’m screaming moaning loving every inch inside me another cock in my mouth muffling my screams.. Two cocks in my ass my boipussy one in my mouth

I’m such a cock slut covered in cum head to toes I’m cummming again and again begging for more cum on my naked body.

“ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS “ I look up it’s my mom but what i dint understand was she was standing there in her bra n panties and Daddy was rubbing her pussy smiling at me .
My mom went to her knees sucking my daddy … I was confused looking at him.

“ It’s ok my little slut last month after I fucked you taking your virginity in your bedroom instead of leaving I went into your mothers room caught her fucking herself with a dildo and I fucked her just like I did you.. Did you know she’s a bigger slut then you are “:

I looked at my mom 3 guys were bitch slapping her with their cocks as she was sucking my daddy I could her moan as her bra n panties were ripped off her.

I was in shock but another cock was fucking me and two by my face..

I woke up naked in my moms bed daddy was fucking my mom in her ass my mom’s fingers in her pussy and my mom was sucking my cock moaning just like me

By Danni
#Bisexual #Mature #Teen #Threesome

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