This is how a woman or girl is satisfied in sex

It is not only men who enjoy during sex. Rather women also enjoy sex completely. Or you can say that women enjoy sex better than men. But this happens only when the man takes the woman to the extreme and satisfies the woman. And in satisfying the woman, there is also an advantage for the man. Because when a woman enjoys sex openly, it helps a man to enjoy sex twice. And most of the men wish to know about how they can make their female partner happy. So come, today we are going to tell you in detail in this article how a woman can be satisfied during sex.

compliment the woman

  • You must have heard that if the beginning of a work is good then the end is also good.
  • So in such a situation, if a man praises a woman for starting the relationship well.
  • And to create mood for sex with the woman’s face and clothes, date all the parts of the woman.

Gift something sexy to satisfy the woman in sex

  • After complimenting, gift something sexy to the woman.
  • Don’t do it everyday but do it sometimes.
  • And to make sex tight mood, gift something sexy.
  • Like bra panty, sexy nighty, no net dress etc. And then ask the lady to wear it.

then do dirty talk

  • After that when the woman came wearing that dress.
  • So make the woman sit near you and wrap her in your arms.
  • After that talk to the woman about sex.
  • Ask them which part of their body they like to touch.
  • After that, if you want, you can also watch porn movies to create the mood for sex.

Increase excitement with foreplay to satisfy women in sex

  • Then take it a step further and initiate foreplay.
  • For foreplay, first cut the woman’s ear lightly.
  • After that kiss on the cheeks and mix lips with lips.
  • And get lost in each other holding each other tightly.
  • Now the man kisses the neck of the woman while kissing her chin with his tongue and lips.
  • After that kiss on the nipple while pressing the woman’s boobs.
  • Now you will see how the woman is getting intoxicated.
  • Now kissing the belly of the woman, kiss on the vagina or move your finger in the woman’s vagina.
  • This will make the woman completely excited.
  • And now it is possible that he spreads the flames of foreplay on your body.
  • To increase the pleasure of foreplay, not only the man should do foreplay with the woman but the woman should also do foreplay with the man.
  • This doubles the fun of sex.

go a little wild

  • A woman does not like to be treated only with love and tenderness at all times during sex.
  • That’s why it is very important for a man to be a little wild to satisfy a woman during sex.
  • And to be wild means to love the soft body of a woman by holding her fast in your strong arms.

Give love bite to satisfy woman in sex

A love bite done by a man on any part of a woman also helps in stimulating the woman during sex.

And in order to satisfy the man in sex, the man must also love bite the woman.

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enjoy on g spot

  • When a man is doing foreplay during sex with a woman.
  • So during the foreplay, the part on which the woman gets most excited by the kissing and touching of the man.
  • That is the G-spot of a woman.
  • And if the man wants to satisfy the woman in sex.
  • So the man should shower his love more and faster on the G spot of the woman during sex.

sex position of a woman’s choice

  • If a man wants to satisfy a woman in sex, then for this the sex position of the woman’s choice should be tried.
  • And the preferred sex positions of women are basic sex positions, doggy style, woman on top, etc.
  • So a man should try these sex positions to satisfy a woman in sex.
  • And to make sex position more fun, foreplay should also be done.

Take pleasure intermittently so that you can stay together on the bed for a long time

  • During sex, women like to stay on the bed with their partner for a long time.
  • That’s why if a man feels that now he is about to ejaculate.
  • So he should take out the penis from the woman’s vagina.
  • And foreplay should be done so that the excitement and thrill of sex can be maintained.
  • After that stop and move the penis again in the vagina.
  • Then when it seems that now both are getting tired, then one should enjoy extreme happiness.

Reach orgasm to satisfy the woman in sex

  • To satisfy the woman during sex, it is very important to take the woman to extreme pleasure.
  • That’s why a man should keep in mind that he must bring the woman to extreme pleasure during sex.

Even in the end there should be no distance between the bodies

  • Do not separate from the woman even after reaching the climax to satisfy the woman completely during sex.
  • If men do this then women do not like it.
  • Because women, even after being free in sex, prefer to remain in the warmth of a man’s body.

So these are some tips by trying which women can get satisfaction in sex. And by trying these tips, you can increase the sex desire of a woman and help you maintain the thrill of sex. So if you too have not been able to understand your female partner’s desire for sex, then these tips will help you. And will help you to enjoy sex better with your female partner.

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