To the left daddy Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

My daddy came home drunk and fucked me up the ass hole.

I was 11 and my dad came home drunk from the pub on a Sunday afternoon, mom had gone out to her friends, and I was just sitting on the couch watching TV and minding my own business when he came home.

“Hi daddy.”

He didn’t reply to me, he just stood leaning against the door frame, staring at me.

“What?” I asked, wondering why he was staring.

Then he walked over to me, he stood in front of me, look down and smiled, I smiled back then complained he was blocking the TV, “Move, daddy.”

Then he just grabbed my arm and yanked me of the couch to my feet, he yanked really hard and hurt my shoulder, “Ouch, daddy, that hurt.” I said.

He dragged me over to the coffee table and then bend me over it, slamming my face sideways on to the top of the table and holding it down, “Arrgh!” I cried, he then hoisted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties, “Daddy, what did I do? – What did I do?” I cried out, I thought he was going to spank me, but I hadn’t done anything wrong.

But he didn’t spank me, instead he dropped his trousers then I felt something going inside my bottom, it was hard and long, daddy had put his cock inside me and he was fucking me from behind.

“Argh – Daddy, no.”

“Oah that’s good.” He groaned.

“Daddy stop.” I cried and cried, he was really pounding my ass hole and it hurt so much.

After a few minutes of enduring the pain, I felt very tingly, and it started to feel nice, I clinged on to the far edge of the coffee table, and stopped crying, “Daddy. – Ungh.” I moaned with pleasure, he was making my entire body feel good and I started cheering him on.

“Go Daddy” I said.

“I knew you’d like it. You’ve been asking for this to happen, all those short skirts you’ve been wearing. How’d you like my cock up your ass, kid?” he asked, still thrusting hard.

“Ungh – Oof – The left – Move it back to the left, daddy.” I moaned out, it felt better when he pushed it to the left, “That’s nice, daddy”.

And he just kept pounding my little ass hole until he ejaculated, daddy had seeded my ass hole.

Then he gave my ass a very hand spank, leaving a red hand print on my butt cheek, and he just pulled up his pants and went upstairs and fell asleep.

When he woke up, I tried to tell him that I liked what he did to me, but he didn’t remember doing it, or so he says.

#Incest #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

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