Treated to a jerk with my older cousin TRUE STORY Sex Story

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By Kiwifag

It was the early 2000’s, the whole family was in town. The house was full so my older cousin and I had to share a tent. I was 10yr and He was 15

This happened years ago, back in the early 2000s. Every year my family would gather at my grandparents for Xmas, surrounded by bush and a lake.

I was 11 at the time (a short and skinny boy), my older cousin, who was always a looker and still is, and I were playing outside, wasting golf clubs on rocks and pulling brown eyes at the passing logging trucks. (For those who don’t know a brown eye is when you pull your pants and expose your asshole as a means of causing cheek and offense 😂😂 on a few occasions, some trickiest actually got out and gave us a well deserved boot yp the arse, yet I digress.

For what ever reason, my cousin Cedric 15m (alias for the sake of this story) and I moved our playtime to the tent. (The house was packed with family, so we had to share a tent). Once he had zipped up the tent, he disclosed how my older brother had caught me jerking off early in the year, and to my surprise and utter excitement, he asked if I could show him how I jacked. Being a boy who had recently doscovered orgasms, I happily and very quickly obliged.

I pulled down my pants revealing a 5inch cock, and rock hard. At that age anything set my dick off. I begun jerking off, proudly showing my cousin how I did it. (I was an amateur, I hadn’t yet mastered the full length stroke, instead i use to masturbate just my cock head). My cousing Cedric started laughing, which pissed me off a bit, I asled what he was laughing at and he said “You’re doing it wrong”, to which I replied “whats the right way to jerk off?”

Well much to my surprise, Cedric pulled down his pants revealing a massive fat cock, so big, his foreskin was stretched halfway down his bellend. It was glorious. He was 6inches long but fuck was his cock fat. Like think of a typical beer can but nearly twice as fatter.

I was gobsmacked, and instantly turned on. (See back then i already had a fair idea that boys wete my poison). Being the young and shameless kid that I was, i didnt hesiste to say “Can i play with it” Cedric replied “if you want to”. The first thing I did was touch the very tip of his cock, chrious at what the clear liquid was. I wasnt sure why but when I did that, Cedric told me to smell my finger, at the time I had no idea what I just smelled, but now I know it was piss and cum up my nostrils. I love it the smell, and for some reason i licked the smell off of my finger. Cedric had a huge snile the whole time.

I could barely wrap my fingers around it, but i gave it my best shot. Not long into the play, Cedric took my hand off of his cock and started stroking, demonstrating to me how I ought to stroke my cock. I was amazed that I was supposed stroke the entire length of my dick, but as a kid I saw no point because all the good geelings came feom the tip of my cock only.

This time Cedric made me touch, instead of me asking, telling me to practise, so I did. He held my hand around his monster cock, and guided me as I hand fcuked his cock. Nice and slowly we our hands went all the way down to his black pubes, and back up. Everytime we went down, his foreskin would peel all the way back revealing a massive purple bellend, fuck his cock was priper HUGE.

We did this for 30minites or so, taking turns on his cock and taking turns on mine. Eventually I disvoered his balls, and was angry that they were so much biggerr than mine, regardless i started playing with his nuts, squeezing them, fondling them.

By the time I was playing with his balls, my face was eyelevel with his crotch, unfortunately, back then, I had no Idea that blowjobs were a thing, and I suppose that thats what my cousin was expecting, but all i did was jerk him off and press my nose into side of his nutsac and breathe. The smell was intoxicating, it was stink, but I liked the kind of stink it was.

This went on for a few minutes, with me face to face with a monster that I was palting with and sniffing at the same time. Soon enough he threw my hand off of his cock and took over. I was amazed and how hard and fast he cranked that shit, he was going to town and I didnt know why, until he came. He came all over us both, it was so warm, and so stinky. There was cum all over both our stomachs.

I watched as Cedric ran his fingers through the cum on my stomach before smelling his fingers. He then shoved this fingers in mouth, forcing me to eat his cum. I didnt hate the tatse but I didnt love it either. Either way I was just happy I got to play with someone elses cock, the thing that manes me feel great must feel great on others.

After he had cum and feed most of it to me, he pulled me ij, forcing me into a hug which I hated coz the remaining liquid on our stomchs went cold really quick.

The next mornijg we woke up still cuddling and naked, got changed for breakfast and sadly have never done it since.

Have I seen his cock since then, you betcha but never hard and never in my hand. I hope one day cousin cedric and I have fun again, this time I’ll suck the lofe outta him and have him fuck the light out of me.

Staued tuned for more real incest stories from my childhood, this time from my older brother.

(This story is 100% true, I think of that day alot)

By Kiwifag
#Gay #Incest #PreTeen

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