Twin sisters amy and Stephen Sex Story

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By Bam bam

fucking around the house if no one was around and my sisters Amy and Stephen were 16 and we invited a friend from their school over one night

My twin sisters amy and Stephen were in school when I started playing around with one of them and it started off like this..

Amy didn’t feel so good as she usually does so she did go to school and my mum asked me to stay home from work so I did and looked after my little sister Amy.
She was in her bed and she got up yelling out im going to vomit something up and ran to the bathroom and I seen her run past my bedroom door As she did she didn’t have much clothes on!
And I thought she was naked so I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom to see if she was ok
But as I walked into the bathroom she was bent over spreading her legs apart and I seen her pussy and ass from behind and walked over to her asking if she was ok and she continued to vomiting I just rubed her little skinny back and I was looking around for a tail so she could wipe her mouth and I seen in the mirror her ass hole and I stood up saying you ok Amy and she asked me if I could get some water for her to drink so I did but when I got back with her water I put my hands on her back making her t-shut come up more so I could see all of her round little bum and as she was getting up I said stopped and picked her up and she said where are you talking me I didn’t say anything I just walked to my bedroom AND put her down saying you lay down I’ll call mum ok she just nodded at me and smiled
I called my mum and told her what was happening she said she wouldn’t be back until early in the morning like 6am because her grandmother was put in hospital she said and had to be there and she said I need to look after Amy and Stephen for the night I said ok
And call me when you can mum she replied saying ok
As Amy looked up at me smiling she said is everything ok I nodded back at her say yes it was about 11am
My sister Stephen didn’t come back home until 4pm
I started watching a movie in the lounge room and thought about Amy’s pussy and ass and went to have a look at her to see if she was ok .
I got to my bedroom and she was laying down on my bed with nothing on and asleep with her little legs apart and I couldn’t stop looking at her ass hole and her little pussy and I walked closer to her trying not to make a sound so I wouldn’t wake her up and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 7 inch cock and started pulling it and she moved a little bit so I stopped after 30 seconds I started pulling my dick again then I sat down next to Amy really close and I started spreading her ass apart and I could see inside her little pussy it was so pink and red her little ass hole looked like it had been fucked before I spate some spite onto my fingers and put it around her pussy hole so it was all wet looking and I started to push a finger inside her pussy..

I had half of my finger inside her pussy and i started pulling on my cock more faster than she made a little yelling sound like she was enjoying it so I started pushing a one more finger inside her pussy and it was tight and she kinda woke up and asked Mr what I was doing to her?
I said Amy it’s going to make you feel better ok she didn’t say anything she just spread her legs open more so I could finger her more and she said put it in deeper
So I did what she said.

I had my 2 fingers inside of my little sister Amy and said to her arr you feeling better she didn’t say anything she just nodded back at me and I said are you sure Amy she said it’s ok brother I then said can I try something else to make you feel better she said ok to Me this time and I pulled my fingers out of Amy’s little pussy and I said more over a little bit more so I can lay next to you and she did..

I sat down next to Amy and undid my pants and taken them off and my boxers off
And I said Amy you can’t tell Stephen or mum anything about this she said ok And I layed down next to her and my dick was pushing into her ass and I pushed it up into her little pussy As she was making some sounds and one I put the tip of my cock inside her she said my God and I started pumping slowly in her little cunt I made 2 inches slip into her and started fucking her faster than before then she pushed her ass back really quickly yelling out and holding onto my aim hugging it really tightly as I was in shock 😲

I was more than 4 inches inside my sister she was just making funny sounds and saying yes yes yes over and over
I stopped for a minute and then Amy said what’s wrong
I said ok Amy and she replied saying what I then said you can’t let anyone know what we are doing because I can go to jail and be locked up for a long time she said NO ONE ELSE is going to know brother ok and promised me and I said Stephen would be on her way back home now I want you to go to your bedroom And wait for me there as I pulled out my Dick from her little pussy and it was making some funny sounds she giggled and I stood up saying gobto your bed and get dressed and look like you been sleeping all day and then she said we should get Stephen to join us to me and I said what did I just say to you Amy we can’t let anyone else know she said ok big brother I won’t tell her
Then she walked to her bedroom and closed her door
I went to have a shower because I think Amy had did a little shit when she pushed her self back more into my dick.

I was in the shower thinking about how i just put all of my dick inside her little tight pussy And it was making me hard again and I could hear Stephen closing the front door singing out anyone home and Amy yelled outvsay I’m home and I could hear Amy and Stephen talking about something at school and Amy saying something about me making her feelings better and laughing with Stephen.

I played with myself a little in the shower then got out and dressed and went to the lounge room and seen Stephen in her underwear just her bottom on she had no top on and she was getting dressed asking if I was done in the shower
I said yeah I am and she went to have a shower and she asked me what I did to make Amy feel better and I said my magic touch she laughed smiling at me and said she needed a magic touch and laughed some more and went to the bathroom for a shower.

I went to Amy room to see if she was awake and she smiled and looked at me then she said can you do it to Stephen I shouldn’t of done what I did to you Earlier Amy and she said I feel a lot more better than I did before
Sorry my name is Bam my father died when my Sister’s were just little girls I was very young at the time when it all happened!
But as i stood in Amy’s 🛌 I seen Stephens little underwear and I was having IDEAS of fucking her too
Amy seen my pants and said your dick is getting bigger isn’t Bam bam and I couldn’t stop smiling at her and laughed Then she said show me as I laughed or then she said or ill tell mummy what you did to me I said bullshit then she got up saying I’m doing it know and walked out of her bedroom!
I said don’t Amy please don’t do this to me I’m 23 years old I don’t need to be put in jail she said she was going to and walked out of her room to the kitchen as Stephen was getting out of the bathroom with a tall raped around her little skinny body singing something going into Amy’s 🛌 because they shared a room together Amy yelled out im calling mum and I walked really fast to the kitchen and seen Amy on the home phone calling mum now
And she picked up and started talking with mum talking about how she felt since she left and Amy said that her brother helped her feel a little bit better she said ill talk to you about it when she gets back home as she looked at Bam saying Stephen’s turn and ended the call with mum I looked at her really roughly and madly saying stop this she said Stephen I said fucking ok then but don’t tell mum
She said Stephen again I said ok ok fuck she said when I said on the weekend ok she said you better ok brother then went back to her bedroom and I did as well and went to sleep
The next morning I was in the kitchen making some breakfast
Amy said I’m calling mummy to see when she was coming back home then Stephen walked into the kitchen saying good morning looking like she just had a good sleep then she said it’s Friday and say this week went so fast for her and looked at Amy as she was talking to mum
And amy said what you wouldn’t be back until Tuesday night and looked at me as mum was talking with her over the phone then she said STEPHEN as Stephen was looking in the fridge to make something to eat I looked at Amy saying ok fuck with a finger across My lips saying be quiet to her and Amy said ok mummy I love you and give grandmother a kiss and do you want to talk to Stephen or Bam before you go then Stephen said hold on I want to talk with mummy and Amy handed Steve the phone as she looked at me Saying this weekend and Stephens turn I just nodded back at Amy Stephen was talking about her day at school and she was miserable mummy and other things and she asked if she could have a friend stay over on Sunday night and she wanted to call again
Amy looked at me strangely and Stephen said a girls name Jennifer that lived just around the corner and really wanted her to stay a night but mum had to go so Stephen said ok mummy talk soon and finished the call and hung up and looked at me Saying you need to look after 3 of us on Saturday night and Amy smiled saying little JENNIFER is she coming over on Saturday night and sleeping over Stephen said yeah Amy said she’s only 10 years old and gotten a little bit fat isn’t she Stephen laughed and said don’t say that she’s been around for ages with me ever since I was 12
Amy said Bam you remember her don’t you!
I said that little dark girl Jenny Amy said Jennifer her name stupid
I remember her she had a fat little ass aye to my sisters they laughed and said stop it she’s really kind person
And she’s cool as
I said ok I’ll look after you 3 girls on the weekend and Amy smiled as soon as Stephen left the kitchen Amy said quietly Jennifer ass is really big and round now you’ll like it brother and Amy said we going to get Stephen then and slapped my ass and walked out of the room and went to her bedroom with Stephen..

I was finishing my breakfast and Stephen was in her way out to go to school and said Amy in the shower now vomiting something up I said oh shit she ok ,she said I think it was breakfast or it’s something else and said have a good day to me and closed the front door.

Amy was in the shower making some strange noises and I walked into the bathroom tobsee if she was ok and she nodded saying I’m just faking it brother and laughed 😅
Since your in here come make me feel better again and smiled at me and laughing more I looked at her and she lifted her leg up showing her little red pussy to me and put a finger inside her pussy hole saying its not enough
And told me to get undressed and get in so I did and she was playing around with my dick and it got harder then before.
I asked her to suck on it she looked up at me Saying seriously
And I said ill suck on your pussy to if you suck my dick and with in a second she put Half of it in her mouth and I said Don’t move to her and picked her up but turned her upside down and started eating her little pussy As I pushed her head onto my cock and she suddenly started sucking on my dick.
After 30 minutes of getting her to suck my dick I said ok let’s dry off and head to my bedroom she nodded her head as she sucked a little bit more then I put her down and she dried her self off and we walked to my bedroom and she got into the position I was fucking her in yesterday I said to her Amy stand up like a dog would stand up and she laughed a little and said like a dog why a dog and I said ill show you something ok she said I’ll right and she got into doggy position and I come up from behind her and pushed me tip of my dick inside her she made a little yelling sound and I started pulling in her pussy hole more and more and I stopped and said ok that’s doggy style Amy she said ok And laughed a little and said ok now what I said ok Amy I’m going to show you something new now ok and get into doggy position again for me so she did and I said pull your ass hole apart for me and she did and she said are you going to put inside my ass Bam bam
I said to Amy yes it’s going to hurt a little but you get used it ok she looked worried a little and then I said Amy you want me to to it to Stephen first and she yelled NO me first ok
I stood behind Amy and spate on her ass hole and said to her ok starch your ass now and she did what I said then I pushed the tip of my cock inside her little round ass and she jumped a little and said it hurts bro I said to Amy stop moving just relax to her and slapped her ass and said spread it open again for me please ill take it slowly ok Amy
And she spread her little round ass open for me and I pushed it in her round ass really slowly it was half way in her ass hole She started crying out a little saying slowly slowly brother so I pumped it a little and slow And as I could feel her ass was making something juice it started feeling better and she was holding onto her pillow really tightly as I pushed as far as I could in her ass as I put one hand around her little skinny neck i started chocking saying you love this don’t you Amy she said to me really quickly stop talking just do it ok..

I stood up looking down at my cock all the way inside Amy’s little ass and thought about Stephen’s and her little ass and her friend Jennifer 😏
And I pulled my dick out of her ass really quickly and started fucking her pussy and she started making funny sounds again and I think she cum on my cock because she just died and feel asleep or something as I was fucking her hard and deep faster than before
I was just about to cum as she was waking up to me inside her little pussy I pulled out my Dick and she turned her self over to look at Me
I stood there on the edge of my bed smiling And she said what’s funny I said I love you Amy and she smiled at me I then lifted her little leg up and put my dick back inside her pussy and started fucking her faster than before she was saying something to me and she fall asleep again I think she fainted again I pulled my dick out then pushed it up her little round ass as I held her up like a toy doll and started fucking her faster and faster and Cum in her ass as she was knocked out like a small little doll and pulled out my Dick from her ass and she woke up saying what happened what happens I just talked to her about Cumming and she had one and she fainted on me
She understand what I was talking about with her and she loved it even more..
She wanted to feel it again later on I said ok what time is it
Your sister going to be home soon Amy so go have a shower now and back to sleep
She said ok big brother ill do what ever you say
And she walked in the backroom and closed the door As she did this Stephen walked into the house yelling out saying is anyone else home I yelled saying I’m here to her and she come to my room and singing something and asked where’s Amy is she ok I said to Stephen she was vomiting all day and she was having a shower again to feel better Stephen was in her sport uniform and she looked really sexy in it and she said I’m next to have a shower
And took off her tights looking at me in my boxers with my hand down my boxers and she was looking at my hand as I said Stephen can you keep a secret from Amy and mum she nodded saying what secret you talking about I said to Stephen well I like your little friend Jennifer she laughed and laughed and said seriously bro your to old for her Man
I pulled out my Dick and said tobold for this and Stephen eyes opened up so wide and she dropped her things on the floor and stood there shocked a little and said it’s so big brother and I said to her so can you keep a secret between you and me she said of course she can I said ok good stay up late tonight with me and I’ll show you something after Amy goes to sleep ok
She replied saying just because we are family brother ill keep a secret with you ok I said ok great 👌

As the night went by Amy said she was going to bed because she was tired and me and Stephen were watching TV because a movie was playing and we wanted to watch it together and as soon as Amy closed her bedroom door Stephen looked at me and laughing quietly and moved closer to me saying ok what you want to show me big brother and I said to Stephen take off your underwear and pants and she did as I layed down I said ok Stephen get on top of Me ok and she continued to follow what I was saying to her as she layed on top of Me I started to kiss her little mouth and she didn’t know how to kiss so I said just keep your mouth open and she did as I told her
So I stuck my tongue in her little mouth and I was kissing her nicely and I pulled out my Dick and started pushing it up her little pussy and it was tight as more tighter then Amy’s little pussy I position myself better and pushed my dick inside her pussy she didn’t make any sounds at all I looked at her as I was kissing her and it didn’t bother her so I pushed deeper into her pussy and started pushing it in and out faster and faster and she was fully loving it pushing her pussy towards my cock making it more better for both of us and she mood a little and I put my hand on her mouth to stop her from making sounds and we cum together she couldn’t believe what we did and ran to the bathroom and closed the door I was worried and put my pants on and walked to the bathroom and opened it she was bleeding a little and looking up at me Saying what did you do to me brother I can’t stop it from bleeding I said shit it well stop Stephen ok stop stressing out please and stop making so much noise please and she did and the bleeding stopped after a minute or too then we went back to the lounge room and talked about what just happened and I asked her if she wanted to do it again soon she said yeah ok but not now brother so we turned off the TV and went to bed Amy was asleep when Stephen was walking in her room and I went to sleep afterwards

The next morning Amy was watching TV she loved cartoons on the weekends and Stephen was in bed still and Amy asked if I could make her something to eat so I did then the phone called I picked up the phone And it was Jennifer mother and she was asking if it was really ok to have Jennifer over for the night and I said my mother said it well be okay for her to stay the night and said she well be around soon I said ok I’ll look after little Jennifer
And she hung up on me Amy was looking at me Saying Stephen Stephen Stephen and Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer and laughing more and more.

It was 11.30 and there was a knock at the door
It was Jennifer and her sexy looking mother Julie
She was saying be a good little girl for mummy and
Bam bam ok baby and she left in the car with her farther
And I asked Jennifer if she was hungry she said yep
So I walked her into our home and she seen Amy watching TV and ran to her I said ill be back and made some breakfast for Jennifer
As I walked into the lounge room Amy had little Jennifer in doggy position and had her pants and underwear pulled down and smiled at me
I said what the hell are you guys doing Jennifer said it’s ok bambam and smiled up at me and Amy slapped Jennifer so hard she laughed and smiled at me and Amy said I used to make her suck all the boys off when we first met she didn’t care bro
I was looking at her ass hole and how round her ass was and said bull shit and Amy just pushed to of her fingers right in Jennifer little ass like it was nothing and she just smiled at so did Amy
My dick was pushing out and Amy seen it and she said come over here bro so I did and she unzipped my pants and pulled out my 6 inch dick and started sucking on it As Jennifer watched through her little fat legs and she was smiling at me as Amy sucked on my dick and Amy said ok now Jennifer you ready then Amy lined me up and so I pushed my dick in this little young girl to see her mooing as 2 inches went inside her little fat ass Amy said Jennifer you ok she said yeah it’s ok just spread my ass more Amy then Amy sat on her back pulling Jennifer’s little ass apart for me to push more of my dick in her ass hole She said that the spot Amy and Amy pulled my dick out then started sucking on my cock and and she put it back in Jennifer ass really hard and fast and I started pumping in and out of Jennifer’s ass like no tomorrow Amy was looking at me as I fucked little Jennifer and she said Stephen next ok I said ok as I was enjoying Jennifer’s ass and then Amy said stop now do her pussy and as I was pulling my dick out of Jennifer I could see right into Jennifer pussy and asked have you ever been fucked before Jennifer and she said yeah my older daddy brother fucks me when he looks after me she asked me why you asking.
I said ok I just noticed your pussy is really big and red as like you been fucked before and Jennifer said yeah my daddys brother fucks me Tuesday night and Friday night when mummy and daddy are working he looks after me I asked her what’s he’s name she said Jimmy
Ok cool well do you want me to look after you on Tuesday and Friday nights from now on Jennifer and little Jennifer smiled at me as I was pushing all of hes fat 6 Inch dick inside Jennifer and she said yeah if that’s possible and ok with Amy and Stephen!
Amy said it’s ok and smiled back at Bam bam
Amy said ok now it’s time Bam bam and Amy spate on her ass hole saying fuck her good like you did me brother and Amy said don’t worrie he’s going to cum in your ass Jennifer and looked at me Saying she likes it when she has cum in her ass
I stood up looking down at my cock in this little dark sexy girl and my sisters Amy spitting on my cock and thinking of Stephen and I said Amy you think it’s time for Stephen now she smiled at me and said NOW I nodded back at her say said sweetie of course it’s time
And I pulled out of Jennifer and she said NO I said back to Jennifer I’m not finished with you ok baby and Amy and Jennifer and I walked into the bathroom looking at Stephen sleeping nicely and Amy said fuck this and pulled the blanket off Stephen and she woke up looking at the 3 of us naked and me With my cock in my hand saying to her they know about everything ok she looked puzzled and I just layed next to her and pulled her underwear to a side and pushed my dick inside her little tight pussy And she started pushing back on my cock more and Amy pulling Jennifer into the end of the bed and started fingering her cunt with 3 fingers in her pussy and Amy said now do Jennifer and I pulled out of Stephen and layed on Jennifer and she said fuck me hard so I begin fucking her really hard and deeply and Amy got into doggy position and she said now me and I pulled out of Jennifer and started fucking Amy pussy and pushed 2 fingers in her ass hole as I fucked her
Then Jennifer said now me and got into doggy position next to Amy and I pulled out of her and began to fuck her ass really hard and deeply she was saying stop stop stop as I fucked her harder and harder Amy said don’t worrie as she started fingering Stephen pussy next to me and just watching her spread her open was making me cum in Jennifer ass and Stephen said I wantbto taste your cum bro so I pulled out my Dick and she started sucking my cum out of my cock and Jennifer joined her and Amy said now we can do this any time you want brother ok and winked at me smiling
The end

By Bam bam
#Incest #PreTeen #Threesome

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