Twinest Sex Story – Sex Stories 69


By Smutdaddy51

Amber comes out to her family about being gay then come out to her twin about wanting her.

The front door of Blake’s apartment opens, and two attractive young women walk in, they are clearly related as they are twins, Amber carrying in a suitcase.

“Well,” Blake says, “that went better than I was expecting.”

“Yeah. I suppose I should have given Mom and Dad more credit; they really took me coming out in stride.” Amber puts her suitcase down next to the couch, and then her and Blake sit down.

“Too bad you don’t have a girlfriend. I bet they would’ve loved to meet her.”

“Yeah, well, there is someone I’m interested in.”

Blake giggles. “Ooh, my sister has a crush!” Amber smiles a little. “Does she not know you’re gay?”

“Um, she knows, but, well, it’s complicated.”

“Someone I know?”

“Um…no comment.” Blake laughs at this. “I will tell you one thing; she’s the one who made me realize I’m gay.”

“Ah, so this is pretty intense for you, then.”

“Yeah, but, like I said, circumstances make it hard to tell her how I feel.”

“Such as?”

“Let’s just say some things are looked down on more harshly than homosexuality.”

Blake looks slightly uncomfortable. “Ooh…She’s not…underage…Is she?”

“Oh, no! No, it’s nothing like that!”

“Oh, good.” Blake mimes wiping her forehead, while sighing with relief.

The next morning, Amber is in bed, asleep, when she awakens to the sound of the shower in the next room. Blake in the shower, Amber walked toward the bathroom door, in a t-shirt and panties. Hesitantly, she opens the door, and peeks inside, where she sees her sister, silhouetted behind the fogged up glass of the shower door. Soaping up her body, particularly focusing on her large breasts, and her ass.

“Oh, fuck, Blake…” she whispers to herself, then bites her lip.

Blake is rinsing off, when the door opens behind her, causing her to turn around, where she sees her twin standing outside, naked.

“Hey, sis. You don’t mind me joining you, do you?”

Blake gives Amber a weirded out look. “Um, what?”

“C’mon, we used to do it all the time when we were younger.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So, can I come in?”

“Um, okay?” Amber steps in. “Uh, you want the showerhead?”

“Oh, thanks.” Blake leans on the wall, so Amber can step past. Amber stood under the showerhead, and wet her hair, then the rest of her body. Finally, she turns back to Blake. “Ah, that’s better. So, listen, um…Can I talk to you about something?”

“I guess so…”

“Remember I mentioned having someone I was interested in, but…there were certain social hurdles that made it really hard to talk about it to her?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Yeah. Well…” Amber takes a deep breath, “Last night, I did some soul-searching, and I decided, regardless of how she would react to me telling her, I absolutely have to tell her how I feel, or I would always have this thing weighing on me.”

Blake looks like she’s starting to work things out. “Amber…What are you…”

“Blake?” Amber closes her eyes, and takes another deep breath. “I love you.”

Blake starts blinking rapidly. “W-wait, you’re not…”

“Not what?”

Blake starts hyperventilating, and leans back against the shower wall.

“Oh, fuck! Amber, you’re…” Blake’s voice starts wavering. “I’m the one you’re in love with?”


Blake sounds like she’s about to cry. “This is the ‘social hurdle’ you were talking about? Amber, I’m your twin sister!”

“Yes, I know!”

“You’re talking about fucking, what… twinect!”

“You think I haven’t told myself that a thousand times? Look, we both know how much we love each other, that there isn’t a thing we wouldn’t do for one another. Is it really so wrong for us to express our love physically, just because we’re sisters?”

“Amber, I… damn it…” Blake bows her head, starting to tear up. “I can’t deal with this…”


Blake looks up, as Amber steps up to her twin, face to face, with Blake trembling slightly, as Amber leans in, and kisses her. As their lips meet, and start to move together, Blake stops shaking, and their kiss gradually gets more torrid, their tongues entering the fray before long.

Once they stop, Blake, still a little weepy, says, “Amber, this is wrong…”

“I know… I know it’s wrong but…” Amber again kisses her sister.Bwhich leads to the two of them lying on Amber’s bed, still wet from the shower, hands caressing each other’s bodies, passionately tongue-kissing.

“Oh, I love you, Amber…” Blake whispers, as Amber starts kissing her neck, and down her chest, while kneading her large breasts. Amber kisses Blake’s tits, lickinh around one of her hard nipples, then suck on it, which causes her twin to moan.

“Hmm…” Blake sighs, “I’m so wet…”

“Oh, yeah?” Amber whispers back, smiling a little as her hand slides down Blake’s stomach to her pussy, arriving there Amber starts to finger her twin, “Ooh, you are wet…”

As her sister fingers her, Blake starts to twitch. “why does this have to feel good…”

“ready for me to eat your pussy, sis?”

“Hm, yes…”

Amber kisses down Blake’s stomach, kisses her already damp inner thighs, before sliding her tongue inside Blake’s juicy slit.

“Oh!” Blake now starts to grind her hips. “Fuck, Amber!”

She then starts to feel her big tits up, and writhe around on the bed. Amber holds her twin’s cunt open to lap up her juices from the pink inside. As she gets closer to orgasm, Blake starts to twist her neck around, and bite her lip, as she squeezes her tits more roughly. Feeling her twin was about to climax Amber fingers her sister’s pussy, while licking her clit to bring her off.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Blake cries out, voice cracking, “Oh, Amber, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, cum for me, sis…” Blake lets out a high-pitched whine, as her hips lock up as her twin’s fingers deep inside her. Amber then comes up, and kisses her.

Then it was Amber’s turn on her back, as Blake kissed down her stomach. Blake starts kissing the outside of Amber’s pussy, then sticks her tongue out, and starts gently licking it.

“Yes…You’re doing good, sis…” Amber starts to feel herself up, as Blake has her first try at a girl out. Blake slides her tongue inside Amber’s twat, and starts licking up and down.

“Yeah…lick my clit…” Amber bites her lip, and starts squirming under her sister’s tongue. Following Amber’s example from when she was going down on her, Blake inserts her first two fingers in Amber’s cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Amber moans out loud, “Oh, baby, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Amber starts to buck her hips, and breathe choppily, as her twin’s finger bangs while assaulting her clit with her tongue, finally, arching her back as she climaxes, she lets out a throaty moan, before falling back onto the bed.

Blake starts kissing around Amber’s stomach, until Amber grabs her arm, and pulls her up.

“So,” Blake says, “how are we going to explain this to Mom and Dad?”

“How often do we see them?”

“Like, once a year?”

“They don’t need to know, then.”

The two laugh, then Blake leans down, and they again kiss.

Should the story continue?

By Smutdaddy51

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