Two Girls Sex Kahani – Lesbian sex of mummy and madam

In girls sex story my school teacher did lesbian sex with my mom in empty class room. Since then my mother got addicted to lesbian.

My name is Nilesh.
This girls sex story happened when I was in school.

At that time, I had failed in maths in the first term exam, due to which maths teacher Rashmi madam called my mother to school.

When mother reached school, madam said to her – Your son has failed in maths. If it continues like this, then it will have a lot of problem in the final exam.
Then mother said – no one knows maths in our house. His elder sister studies outside and his father knows a little. But they come late at night. Till then it sleeps. You tell me what should we do?

Madam said – Where do you people live?
Mummy – We live near the school!

Madam – Then I will read it only. Every day for half an hour after school I would read to Nilesh. The school holiday is at 2 o’clock, so you come to the staff room at 2:30.

After this, I used to take extra classes from madam everyday and whenever class tests were done, I got 9 out of 10 marks both the times.
But in the second term maths exam, I failed again and got only 20 marks out of 70.

So madam asked me to call my mother and bring her.
After that day, I did not go to school for two days, nor did I tell my maths numbers to my mother.

After that when I went to school on Saturday, madam stopped me from outside the staff room.
That day she was very angry, she asked for my home number.

Then he called my mother and asked her to come to school.
In those days Nokia 1100 used to run, madam also had the same.

Mummy came to school at 2:30.
Then madam asked me to sit after taking my mother to the class.
And after a while madam also came to the class.

Where he told my mother my numbers.

After which mother started getting angry with me.
Then he said to madam – give him whatever punishment you want.

Then madam gave me some questions and said that if I solve them, she will increase my marks so much that I can pass.

While I was solving the question, madam was standing near the window and talking to my mother.
And my attention was going towards her again and again because there was a difference of only two hands between the mouth of madam and mummy.

Suddenly madam saw me.
Then she said that if I did not ask the questions properly, she would not let me and my mother go home today.

After some time I saw that madam’s breast was touching mother’s breast.

Seeing this, the box fell down from my hand, then madam and mummy looked at me together.

Then madam came to me and saw whether I am asking the question properly or not.
But till now I had asked only one question and that too was incomplete.

So madam scolding me said – you will have to be punished, you will not believe like this!

And then they asked my mother to lock the door of the class room from inside.

Let me tell you that madam’s name is Rashmi and her age was 38 at that time, also madam is fat.
My mother’s name is Sushma, at that time she was 40 years old. Along with this, mother is thin but very fair, but sister remains like a type.

After closing the door, mother also came and stood near madam, then madam said to her – what punishment should I give him? Tell?

Mother said – you see.
So madam put her hand around mummy’s waist and made her sit with me on the bench in front of me.

Because the bench was meant for only one person and because of the madam being fat, the mother was half in the madam’s lap.

Now one hand of Madam was on the waist of the mother and she was talking to the mother.

Then madam put one of her hands in her mother’s saree and started stroking her stomach.
So mother said – don’t do it madam.

But madam took her hands to the breasts of the mother while turning and pressed one of the breasts of the mother from the top of the blouse, due to which the mother’s slight sob came out.
Because I was looking at her with averted my eyes, madam saw me and said- look down… otherwise I will not let you and your mother go home today.

Then suddenly the mother lost her balance and she started falling.
So madam saved mummy from falling by holding her hand.

And after that when mother sat, she was completely in madam’s lap.

Now madam asked mummy – do you know maths?
Mother said – I do not know at all.

So madam raised mummy’s blouse above the breasts, so that mummy’s black bra became visible.
Seeing whom Madam said – these are two!
Then when she raised her own blouse above the breasts, madam’s maroon bra became visible.

Because Madam is fat, her one breast is bigger than both my mother’s breasts.
Madam said after raising her blouse – these are my two!

Then she grabbed both her own breasts and pressed my mother’s breasts and said – your two and my two means four!

Seeing this my cock also started stirring.
I said to Madam – Madam you punish me but don’t do this.

So madam said – this is your punishment. Now ask your questions quietly, otherwise I will take your mother home with me.

In such a condition, my questions were not being resolved.
But even then I started pretending to write in the copy but my attention was only on him.

Now madam had kept mummy in her arms and their breasts were touching each other. Also, madam was kissing mummy.

It seemed from mother’s voice that she was opposing madam.

Now I was constantly looking at him.
So madam put mummy’s saree above her knees so that mummy’s fair thighs became visible.
Seeing whom Madam said – what smooth and soft thighs your sister-in-law has!
Saying this, madam started caressing mother’s thighs, which mother was protesting against.

So madam took her hand on mommy’s pussy and put her finger in her pussy from the top of panty.
Due to which mummy caught hold of madam’s hand but madam was putting her finger in mummy’s pussy and inside and out from the top of the panty.

So mummy started making the sound of umm mmm.

Seeing this, I was getting angry and my cock was also getting erect.
Still I said – madam please don’t.

But madam did not listen to me, so I stood up and removed madam’s hand from my mother’s pussy.

Then I saw that mummy’s panty was slightly wet.
But mother held madam’s hand and said- Son don’t stop madam… your father doesn’t do anything.

Hearing this, madam put her hand in mummy’s panty this time and while moving her finger in the pussy, she was also pressing mummy’s breast.

Now mummy’s protest was completely over and she was also enjoying getting fucked by madam.

Mummy was making very sexy sounds when madam inserted finger in her pussy.
And after five minutes, the mother left a lot of water, which got on the hand of madam, due to which her hand became completely wet.

Then madam took out her hand from mummy’s pussy and licked the whole hand.

Mummy who was a bit tired after having sex with girls.

Then madam was fingering her own pussy looking at mummy and in some time madam also fell down.

Till now I was sitting in front of him and that day semen came out of my cock for the first time.

Now I was tired, so I rested for a while with my head down.
After that I saw that mummy’s back is towards me because madam has kept mummy sitting on her lap in woman on top position.

I could not see anything properly so I bent down under the table from where I could see everything.

I saw that Madam’s and Mummy’s bras are above their breasts and they are pressing Mummy’s breasts, as well as sucking them in between.

Madam’s panty has been removed from below, from which her hairy pussy is visible.
So madam is rubbing her own pussy with my mother’s pussy, due to which mother was making the sound of mmm mmm mmm.

When mummy’s voices started increasing, madam kissed mummy while pressing her breasts so that both of their nipples were touching each other.

After this madam was fingering her own pussy with one hand and her other hand was in my mom’s pussy.

This time madam was fucking mummy hard, due to which mummy fell thrice.

In a short while, Madam also fell down again.

Mummy and madam sat hugging each other for some time.

After that both of them fixed their clothes and we came back home.
Where after coming mother told me that – don’t tell this thing to anyone!

After this incident, Madam Rose started coming to our house to study with me.
She first takes my class and then has lesbian girls sex with her mother.

All this went on for a long time, after which madam joined another school.
But my mother is now addicted to lesbian sex and how she had sex with one of my friend’s mother, I will tell it some other time.

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