Uff yeh chudas bhari masti of Holi

(Uff Ye Holi Ki Chudas Bhari Masti)

Friends, I am from Kalyan (Mumbai). We came to Mumbai after getting transferred from Goa.

Our family is very simple and middle class and we are living very happily.

My wife met my office people some 2-3 times, including my boss.

Most of the people in my office are young and very open minded and fresh minded, some of them even bachelors.
Although my boss is almost my age.

Two days before Holi, the boss was saying that he will play Holi with us this time, tell the sister-in-law to be ready… we are coming to paint them.

I told this to my wife, on this my wife said – ok..

Then she hesitated a bit and said – Your boss stares at me.

To which I said- No.. that must be your illusion.

On this my wife said – Ok I will prepare.

On the day of Holi, around 11 am, my boss and his 4 friends, all unmarried, came to my house.

We live on the first floor of a multi-storey building in the colony, there is a balcony outside and some open space, inside there are two rooms, kitchen, hall.

He rang the doorbell, so I looked from above, those 5 people were immersed in colors, some of them even had torn clothes, they were standing at the door.

Looking closely I recognized one and I went downstairs and opened the door.

They all came up. My wife and I welcomed him and wished him a very happy Holi.

Then my wife brought breakfast, then the boss said – Sister-in-law, first play with colors… then get breakfast done…

Saying this he looked at his wife with crooked eyes and gave a crooked smile.

My wife lowered her eyes.

Then he started looking at his wife and started looking at her mother.

Seeing this, my wife covered her blouse with pallu, my wife probably understood his intention.

Then they caught hold of me, filled water from the tap outside and poured it on me.

Now those people started taking out sure colors from their pockets and pounced on me.

They also tore my clothes a bit and put color inside the T-shirt.

Seeing all this, my wife became a little upset and restless.

After thrashing me badly, the boss looked at his wife again with the same cross-eyed look and laughed.

Wife understood that now she is going to be attacked, so she started going inside.

Seeing this, the boss came to catch my wife, when the wife started running, he also ran after the wife.

My wife went through two rooms and the hall, reached the balcony and started locking the door from outside.
But before that he reached there and pushed the door with force, due to which the wife turned back and the door opened.

My wife said – Please no.. I am scared of colours.

So he said – Hey, what is there to be afraid of.. Let’s take away all the fear today.

Then he started catching my wife, but the wife was avoiding him.

Seeing this, he immediately swooped down on his wife, grabbed her by the belly and lifted her up and brought her to the hall.

It all happened so quickly that my wife could not understand.

As soon as she understood.. she shouted, then I started coming inside.

So my friends stopped me and said – Holi hai yaar thoda bhot toh chalta hai.

Then he grabbed my wife and took her to the bathroom and made her stand up.

He took out a color from his pocket and at the same time turned on the fountain.

My wife got completely drenched, which made her look even more cool and intoxicating.
The view inside her clothes became visible through her thin saree.
She stood facing the other side in shame.

The boss took the color in his hand and started rubbing my wife’s face with full force.

Looking ahead, my boss found that my wife was not wearing a bra and her nipples were visible. After rubbing color on my wife’s face, he loosened his grip a little.. then the wife started running away.

But he caught hold of it again and said – where is the color applied now?

Then the boss caught hold of him and stood up so that he could not run away and opened the color box.
This time he took half a box of color on his palm and extended his hand towards his wife and then applied color on the whole face, neck and hands.

After this the boss hugged her and wrapped her in his arms and started saying ‘Happy Holi’.

Seeing this, she got scared and shouted… She started calling me.

By the time I came in, he had left his wife.

As soon as I came, he said – don’t worry.. I am just applying color.

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Before she could say anything, he pressed her face on the pretext of applying color and I came out.

After this she got scared and started saying- Leave me.. What are you doing?

He mixed color in the bucket and poured the whole bucket on his wife.
After this he took more color and this time he applied color on the wife’s neck and back by putting his hand inside the blouse.
Then he started pressing his wife’s breasts and put color on the chest as well.
Then he took more color and put his hand inside the chest and started applying color and also started rubbing the breasts. The wife started sobbing and he started suppressing them more.

Due to this, 2 hooks of the blouse were broken and the wife’s breasts were about to come out.

Then the boss pressed her ass and put some color inside her back and started applying color by putting his hand inside the crack of the ass.

After thoroughly rubbing the wife’s body, the boss left her and said- Remember, I am your husband’s boss.

Saying this he went out.

My wife recovered after some time, she adjusted her saree and covered her blouse and mamma with saree and came out. There was color all over his body. It was completely painted with black, green, red colors. Because of her wet saree and color, her breasts and ass became even more excited by pressing.

As soon as the boss went out, he washed his face and cleaned a little color so that the color would not go away.

In that time, I called him – will I get breakfast or not?

So she said – I will bring.

And when she brought breakfast, then the boss said – Lo, sister-in-law has also washed her face.. It seems that she has to play Holi again.

Everyone started laughing, the wife went inside without saying anything.

Only then a group of some 15-20 boys from the locality came there. These people were roaming on the road since morning and were applying color to people. All were 20-25 year old boys from the colony itself.
They had specially targeted the girls and if any girl was touched by them, then understand that her good fortune was confirmed, these people were using strong colors, water, grease, mud, everything.

These people came up and started coloring me and people in their office.

After this he asked – Uncle.. Aunty is not visible.

So I said – she does not play Holi.

They started making excuses that they will play Holi only with Gulal, you call Aunty.

But I refused, seeing this the boss said – Hey call me.. It is Holi and these people are children.. Let me play Holi…

So I said – you don’t know them, let it be…

On this the boss said – come on man… you too…

I didn’t say anything and everyone became silent for two minutes.

Then I saw that my boss and 1-2 of the boys were laughing. I understand something is wrong.

On this the boss asked – where is the toilet?

And he went inside without waiting for my answer.

Wife was standing on one side, after coming out of toilet he asked my wife for water, then she brought water and instead of taking a glass of water, he held wife’s hand.

On this she shouted- leave it.. leave it..

So the boss also said loudly – Holi hai bhabhi.. Holi hai..

He pulled her out.
Bringing out his wife, he made her stand in the middle of everyone and said – Come play Holi… with your aunt…

Seeing this, when I looked at the boss, the boss silenced me in a gesture and said – Come, let’s meet Gupta ji.

He started taking me out.

Here, when the wife came, the pallu of her saree had slipped in the tug of war and her breasts were visible. Everyone’s eyes lit up seeing her 34 size beautiful boobs and sexy figure.

The wife looked at herself and quickly corrected the pallu. Then they started applying gulal one by one in front of me with great manners.

Seeing this, I also left taking it all lightly.

As soon as I left, one took a permanent color in his hand and rushed towards his wife and started rubbing it on her face. She started running but was surrounded by them from all sides. Then they just filled the water and started coloring the wives one by one. Apart from the wife’s face, all of them were applying color on the neck as well and were adding color to the colored water and hair.

A boy took out a tube and took the color of the entire tube in his hand and applied it on his wife.

In all this, all the boys were going near my wife and sticking to her. Only then one came from behind, put his hand on her chest and inside the blouse and started applying color and sex with the aunt in front of the house.

When she started shouting, one came and started applying color on her face.

Then they didn’t leave any part of his body.
In Holi, in this Chudaas-filled snatching, her saree came off and the color of blouse, petticoat had changed completely. Everyone used to come and press her breasts and ass and put their hands inside her blouse and apply color.

Some people even put dry color in his trunks. Some even rubbed their hands on her pussy.

Then he hugged his wife and started congratulating her on Holi and said – It was fun today…

When those people left, the condition of the wife was in trouble, her wet and stained breasts, which were emerging from her tight blouse. The wet petticoat that was sticking to the ass was making it very intoxicating and the people of the neighborhood were also enjoying it all from the terrace and balcony.

My wife’s condition had become like that of a bitch. After he left, the wife wore the saree, only then I came. The boss was also there, all of them went straight inside and seeing the wife, they started laughing and said – why sister-in-law, did you enjoy…

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