Uncle fucks both sisters after 1st January party

My name is Deeksha and my younger sister’s name is Anushka. He is 21 and two years younger than me. Today I am going to tell you how uncle fucked me and my sister on hotsexstory.xyz. Friends, sometimes relationships go a little further. Those who fucked at night are my father’s friends. And crazy about my mom. I have seen many times that when father is not there, then he comes to my house and why he comes, think for yourself.

Today I am going to tell you the story of my and my sister’s sex. How uncle fucked both of us sisters in new year and both of us sisters also enjoyed it a lot. what happened How he pacified both of us and persuaded us to fuck and then both of us sisters also agreed and on New Year’s night we both celebrated a lot, I am telling you the whole story on this website. Friends me and my sister both sleep together and both have their own mobile and we both read hotsexstory.xyz at 10 pm and caress each other and press our boobs. They play with each other’s pussy, kiss and play husband and wife. Just don’t go back in each other’s pussy. But we both make each other happy by role playing. Now I come directly to the story.

As you know, after the New Year party, both of us sisters came to our room from the terrace. Mummy Papa and Papa’s friends all three kept having drinks on the terrace. All three had drunk a lot. In fact, uncle’s wife has left him and has taken away a child he had. So father is of a different mood, he had called uncle. To celebrate the new year together.

Two of the three came down from the terrace after getting drunk at around one o’clock. Both of us sisters had come half an hour ago. Mummy Papa went to his room by putting his arm in both the arms. And they were fucking because the sound was coming from outside also i.e. in my room. Mummy was saying, take pussy licking ass, take it fast. Chod chod, probably because of being too drunk, they did not realize that there are two daughters and a non-man in the house.

Hearing her ah ah oops oops, both of us sister also took off our clothes in the quilt and she was rubbing my boobs and I was rubbing hers. Both were kissing each other. Sometimes they were caressing each other, sometimes I was below. That is, both of us were also having a lot of fun. It seemed like we were really fucking sisters. Suddenly the voice of father and mother stopped and they fell asleep. But we two sisters were still pleasing each other.

That’s why both of us felt that there is someone in the room, when we removed the quilt, uncle was standing near our bed. He was shaking his dick in his hand. Both of us were also naked inside the quilt. My younger sister, see Uncle, see Laude. She got down from the bed and grabbed uncle’s cock and started rubbing it on her stomach on her thighs. Uncle immediately filled him in his arms and started biting his lips. See, my younger sister started enjoying and uncle was also in full swing.

Now I also stood down and caught hold of uncle’s cock. Now there is a competition between the two sisters as to who will catch the cock. Friends, that’s why uncle started kissing me and pressing my sister’s nipples. My sister has bigger boobs than mine but my boobs are very tight. Now he started kissing me, started moving his tongue on my lips and started putting it inside my mouth. Friends, now they put my younger sister on the bed and started licking her pussy and started pressing my tits. Both of us had become very sexual. He put a dick on my sister’s pussy and inserted it hard. She screamed and then became calm, that means she was moaning with pain. I was caressing my sister’s boobs at that time. Now he started fucking my sister loudly. But till now I used to press my sister’s nipples and sometimes I used to watch how the cock goes inside and out of the pussy, then my mind also started to fuck.

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Friends, now I said, now my sister has moved away from me and I spread my legs. Now he set his cock on my pussy and inserted it. My pussy was already wet. The penis went inside with a trick, I felt a lot of pain, but as soon as the penis went inside two or three times, I became mad. My hair stood on end, my lust flared up. Now I started kissing by lifting the ass. Sometimes she used to move her ass up and down and sometimes she used to go round and round. Uncle was pecking loudly and my little sister was caressing my nipples and biting my nipples.

Now he again started fucking my younger sister. Now both of them were made to lie down together. Inserting it into my pussy four to five times and then into my younger sister’s pussy. Both of us sisters were kissing each other, pressing the nipples and uncle was inserting the dick in both of their pussies in turn. After about an hour my sister fell down and uncle also fell down. But I still didn’t calm down. The flame of my body was still burning. But what would she do? My sister slept after wearing clothes. Uncle also got dressed and went to another room. My sister immediately fell asleep.

But I again went to uncle’s room and after a while his penis started shaking. He again got ready to fuck. Then he started fucking me. And then I was relieved. I calmed down that means they satisfied me too. I asked uncle, how do you have so much power to fuck, then he showed the tablet. Said I had brought this. After fucking your mother, today your mother went to please your father.

Friends, this is my story for the new year. I will bring another story soon on hotsexstory.xyz.

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