virgin girl fuck in hotel

virgin girl fuck

Every man wants to have sex with a virgin and beautiful girl. For this reason, Amit, a married resident of Indore, had sex with a virgin girl. Amit told what happened when a new girl came to his office. The girl was unmarried and beautiful because of which Amit, ignoring his wife, got engaged in her sexual intercourse.

A new girl joined where I used to work. That girl started coming to office from the next day itself. Her name was Shalini and she was a very beautiful girl.

Seeing her body dirty things started coming in the mind of all the men in the office and I was also one of them. Seeing that girl’s big black eyes, beautiful lips, perfect roundness of the body, everyone would have become sensual.

That girl started sitting with me and I started teaching her office work. Sometimes I would stop talking and get lost in her eyes and she would start smiling at me.

After working together for a few days, our friendship became better and we started spending the whole day together. I started dreaming of having sex with him which was impossible.

Shalini knew that I am married, so she only wanted friendship with me.

But I did not obey everyone. We both used to sit in a corner of the office. Shalini used to sit leaning against the wall and I used to sit with her.

That day she was looking at something with her laptop tilted. She kept looking at her laptop for a long time and I kept on doing my work.

When I got suspicious, I jerked Shalini’s laptop towards me. Looking at the laptop, I came to know that Shalini was sitting sensually.

She was watching cock sucking sex videos on her laptop. When I came to know, she started looking down in shame.

There was a lot of lust inside Shalini. That’s why she had also opened many desi sex story websites.

Shalini (looking down) – Sir, please don’t tell anything to anyone!

I put my hands on Shalini’s thighs and said no problem, I am also feeling sexy now.

Shalini – Meaning?

As soon as I said this, I put my hand in Shalini’s suit and started caressing her thigh. She was already sensuous so he started liking it.

Shalini – Sir don’t do this, it is not right to do. At least don’t do it here!!

When Shalini said this, I understood that it is her yes. When I put it on my mouth, she said keep quiet and just feel it.

As soon as I said this, I started caressing Shalini’s cunt over her pyjami. Her pajama was wet from the bottom and Shalini was sitting all ready to have sex.

Now my penis also got fully tanned and started showing through the pant. When Shalini’s eyes fell on my penis, she put her hand on it and caressed it with love.

We both were being sensual in the corner of the office and caressing each other in a dirty place and then it was time for lunch.

As soon as lunch was over everyone started going here and there and we sat there. I could not have sex with Shalini in the office because everyone would have found out.

I said – did you enjoy Shalini?

Shalini (speaks softly) – Yes.

Then I held her hand and asked her to take her things. Shalini asked many questions but I took her with me.

As soon as I got out, I booked the hotel online and took Shalini on my bike.

On seeing the hotel, Shalini understood and said, “Sir, I don’t think we should do it.” You are married yet why are you with me?

I told Shalini that I do what I like and you should do the same.

After saying this I took Shalini inside. Now I was about to fuck a young virgin girl.

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After meeting Shalini, I forgot about my wife. That’s why I forgot right and wrong because of Shalini’s love.

In the hotel room, I hugged Shalini and started enjoying her slim waist to the fullest.

After that I took off her suit and started pressing both her breasts with pleasure. Now Shalini also became sensual and asked me to lick her nipples.

Just then did I push Shalini and climbed on her after falling on the bed. I kept licking sensual Shalini’s boobs from all over and she kept enjoying with her eyes closed.

Her breasts got wet with my tongue and both the nipples started burning like a red wick. I took off Shalini’s salwar and started licking the juice coming out of her cunt.

Shalini – Ahhh ooh ahhh baby!

Her cunt was now ready for my penis. I took out my penis from my pant and started rubbing it on her cunt.

As soon as she felt the penis, Shalini became conscious and started looking at me with sensual eyes.

I also had gay sex but in secret from my wife. When for the first time the head of the school had sex with me in exchange for marks, I enjoyed life for the first time.

And today I am in hotel to fuck a virgin girl. Shalini started going crazy for taking my penis in her body. She took my penis in her own hand and started inserting it inside her.

I pushed hard before she could insert herself and my penis went inside her cunt.

Shalini’s loud voice came from the mouth, then I became more enthusiastic and started pushing between her legs.

Shalini’s breath started getting faster due to the rubbing of my penis and she hugged me tightly. After that I started hitting my penis on Shalini’s cunt with full force and speed.

We were in such a hurry to have sex that we did not even turn on the AC of the room, due to which we started sweating profusely.

Burning in the fire of lust, we started touching each other’s sticky bodies everywhere.

The fire of love started burning in our hearts and we got ready to drink the liquid coming out of each other’s body.

I was having sex by shaking my waist. After that I got up on Shalini and stood on my knees.

I caught hold of Shalini’s leg and started sucking her big toe in my mouth. Shalini was very sexy so I did not enjoy licking and sucking her feet.

I kept pushing her while sucking her thumb and she kept looking at me sensually.

Shalini started getting pleasure from my way of having sex. At that time I was liking her cinder feet very much.

The long nails of her feet and hands were tempting me. And I was having sex at my full speed.

Only then Shalini’s cunt started getting smooth and white water started coming out from it which made my whole penis dirty.

After that Shalini’s pleasure doubled and my penis started going inside her cunt.

What is the point of climbing a virgin girl, I go that day. Just then, in 3 to 4 pushes, my penis also removed its white cream and the hot spots became red. This was my virgin girl’s fuck story. If you like it then do comment.

After having sex, our bodies became sticky. There was sweat on the whole body, now the penis and vagina were also wrapped in white liquid.

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Shalini fell in love with me and we had sex many times. But after a few years her family got her married and our love story ended there.

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