Virgin Ladki Ki Gand Mari

(Virgin Ladki Ki Gand Mari)

I fucked the ass of a virgin girl. My name is Rahul and I am 21 years old. In this story I am going to tell you the most beautiful moment of my life with Pooja. I am a normal guy, but my penis never disappoints anyone. This story starts from a very famous fashion institute in Mumbai, my friend went to her college to meet his girlfriend and I also went with him because I had heard a lot about the beauty of that college. Now when my friend was busy with his item, I noticed that some girls were laughing at me. I am very shameless since childhood so I went to him and asked are you guys talking about me? Those three girls were very hot, so they didn’t answer and left, but one of them turned back and smiled and left.

Then I told my friend’s girlfriend that she should get the setting done with the middle girl, friend, she replied that she is the hottest girl in this college, stay away from her. Then I said what am I short on? If you make us talk just once, she said that she will try. Then after a few days a message came on my mobile from an unknown number “Hi” so I asked who are you? So her reply came Pooja and she told the name of her college. Now I stood up on hearing his name. Then I immediately dialed her number and we talked for half an hour and came to know that she was really active.

Then in a few days we started talking dirty and then I asked her are you a virgin? So she laughed and said what do you think? So I said oh your so direct. Then she said that it is just the beginning, then I said that today my house is empty, then she said that her house is always empty. Then I said that there is an intention to do something? So he said will you be able to do it? So I said I will try. Then I took out the bike and went straight to her house, now she was wearing a black shorts and tight top and her height was 5 feet 10 inches. She was very fair and her figure was 34-30-36. Then as soon as I closed the door, I gave her a tight hug and now her tight nipples were clearly visible from her thin top.

Now my erect cock was making a tent in my shorts and then he put his hand in my shorts and took my cock in his hand and said that yours is very good. Then I pinched her nipple and said that it is also very good, then she started laughing and took me to her room. Now both of us were sitting on her bed and her upper lip was a bit thick and absolutely pink. Then I grabbed her neck and pulled her towards me and started kissing her.

Now his hand was caressing my cock and I was sucking his lips by holding his face with both hands. Now he put his tongue in my mouth and now I started sucking him like crazy, then I asked him to lie down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Now my erect cock started rubbing on her pussy from the top of her shorts and was sucking her boobs from the top of her top. Now she was pressing my head on her boobs and at the same time was making silence slowly.

Now I took off her top, hit the virgin girl’s ass and now I kept looking at her boobs for a while and slowly kissed her boobs everywhere and wetted them with my tongue. Then he lifted my head up and started kissing me again like a hungry lioness. Then she took both my lips inside her lips and started sucking. Now I was playing with her nipples and pinching them again and again, that smooth body had no hair at all.

Then I removed my T-shirt and shorts and also removed his shorts. Now she was completely naked in front of me. Then I moved my hand on her smooth pussy, then came out of her mouth, ahhh and now her wet pussy was completely pink. Then I kissed on her thigh and moved forward spreading my tongue and I put my tongue on her wet pussy. She sighed heavily and then I thought of putting finger in her pussy, but her pussy was very tight.

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Then I told him are you a virgin? So he said don’t put your finger there, just touch it with your tongue. Then I started licking her, now she kept on making more loud sounds of hmmmmm ahhhhhh. Then suddenly she started moving her ass and started pressing my head in her pussy and within a short while her voice started increasing and a lot of material also came out of her pussy and she fell down. Then she lay down for a while. Now I lay down next to her and my cock is like a banana and it will be 6 inches and it is also very thick. Now she started rubbing her hands on my standing cock and said that now it is my turn. Then she took my cock in her mouth and took it out and started rolling her tongue on it, now I was in seventh heaven.

Then she spread her teeth slowly on my cap and again took my entire cock in her mouth. Now she was sucking like a whore. Now I fell in her mouth in 10 minutes, then she took a little of my cock’s water inside and spit the rest. Now both of us were lying down tired. Then she told that she is a virgin, but just from now on and she doesn’t want any complaints in her future.

I told him that I also have the same wish. Then she lay down vomiting with her ass in the air and now I fell on her ass like a dog. Then I kissed on both her hips and cut them too, then I spread her ass and saw that her ass hole was also completely pink. Then when I started licking her, she started keeping silent.

Then I put my tongue inside and hit the virgin girl’s ass and started fucking her ass with my tongue. Then I started putting my finger inside and her ass was a bit tight, but my finger went inside her ass. Then I applied her water on her ass hole and inserted my cock in her ass. Now she screamed a little, but then became calm. Now she started moving her round and smooth ass round and round. Then I caught her ass and started fucking her as fast as I could.

Now she kept on screaming and loud ahh hmmmmmm and at the same time kept on rubbing her pussy. Then I fucked her for 15 minutes and then I fell in her ass and she also fell after 2 minutes. Then I came over him and kissed him and lay down. I fucked the ass of another virgin girl 2 times that day.

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