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#Exhibitionist #Incest #Mature #Threesome

By Dick023

We finally continued our conversation, but not alone

Well the next night meeting with Jenny didn’t happen, infact it was 2 weeks later. I was at the same bar. I got myself a beer, and the bar maid let me know she was in here earlier looking for me.
After having a few beers I thought I’d run over to her place to say hi. I’ve not visited her since the divorce, not wanting anyone to think we were messing around, and besides it was dark, so.what’s the chance of anyone seeing me?
I arrived and knocked on the door. Jenny came to the door, wearing only a short night shirt. She was 15 years older than I was, but still very hot, and she looked very inviting wearing it. And I’m sure she knew that I was enjoying it.
Jenny had a mixed drink in her hand,and she asked if i wanted one? “Sure” I said, as I sat down on the couch.
Moments later, she entered the room with two drinks in hand, and joined me on the couch. sitting down, kind of facing me with her inside leg crossed Indian style and the other foot on the floor. Leaning forward handing me the drink, saying “sex on the beach”. “Do we have to go to the beach”? I asked her. “The drink goofy” she replied, slapping my leg playfully,with a soft squeeze.
Jenny finished her drink,getting up and asked me, “Need one to”? I handed her my glass, and she told me to find us some good music. Bending over
to get the stereo remote and toss me, I could see that she had no panties on. As she walked away I told her *I see there’s a nice moon out tonight”.
Looking over her shoulder and grinning said, “you think so”? I just grinned back at her shaking my head yes. Leaving the room she said “Well maybe you should get a better look at it then”.
Starting on our sixth drink,she was sitting alot closer to me, running her hand up and down on my thigh, more so towards the inside of my leg. I felt my cock twitch and start to swell, as she started to run her hand closer to my crotch
I stood up, and her attention went to the stereo, searching for a good song. Standing kind of behind her, undoing my pants quietly, I pulled my cock out, waiting for her to turn around.
A slow song was playing and saying something about it being good and asked if she wanted to dance, only trying to get her attention.Jenny turned to face me, but it was my stiffening cock that greeted her eyes. As she took my cock into her warm mouth saying, *I’d love to”.
Sitting down Jenny pulled my pants down and off of me, as I pulled her night shirt over her head.
She went back to the blowjob she was so good at giving.
About fifteen minutes later she had my hips thrusting upwards my legs stiffened, moaning “I’m going to cum”. She kept sucking, I let loose with a few quick short jerks and started to cum. Just responding with a moan, and kept sucking untill she had made sure she swallowed every drop
After taking all I gave her, and looking me in the eyes she asked “you are staying the night, right”? “All I was waiting for was an invitation” I answered her Then lowering her head, taking my cock and gave it a few gentle sucking kisses on the head and said, “well you hoth got got an invitation”.
We didn’t bother with getting dressed,and partied naked all night. If I got hard,which I did, several times she would either suck it or we would fuck. It was going on midnight,,there was a knock at the door. We heard a familiar voice playfully saying,”come on bitch, let me in’.
It was her friend Sally, I immediately grabbed for my pants, Jenny sort of blocked me, as she got up to open the door. I just sat there naked , not sure what to do, with my cock standing straight up. Sally came in,and in her usual way, she cut through the ice with her wit,and said “,I could get use to greetings like that”
Jenny laughed and told her that she could say hi if she wanted to. They walked over to me Jenny saying that this a clothes optional party, and that she looked to be over dressed. Sallyv reached down to grab my cock and agreed with Jenny.
After taking her clothes off, Jenny told her to have a seat and that she would get her a drink, Sally grinning said, I’d be happy to then sat down on my lap, lowering her tight pussy over my cock. Jenny returned and in a kind of giggle said ,”I told you to have a seat, not go for a ride”, as she went to her knees between my legs.
Then i felt her tongue on the bace of my cock and licking my balls,as Sally took my cock in and out of her pussy. We fucked and sucked, randomly
all night.

By Dick023
#Exhibitionist #Incest #Mature #Threesome

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