Was clothes shopping with my wife, the changing room lady called me back … Sex Story

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By Hubby

My wife took me clothes shopping with her. She was in the womens only changing rooms, the lady working the rooms called me back at my wifes request.

I guess I was bored, because when my wife wanted me to go clothes shopping with her this past week, I could not think of a reason not go with her. We went to the local mall, and had gone through a few womens stores, when we went into the main department store in the mall. In the womens section, my wife heads into the womens only changing rooms, having to get her items checked by the young lady working the rooms. I gave the gal a look over, maybe 18 to 19, most likely her first job. I parked my butt on a chair nearby and waited.

The changing room young lady comes walking out and up to me, she says that my wife wanted me to see some of the things she was trying on, and it was ok for me to go inside and look as no other ladies were currently inside. In a couple other stores my wife had walked out and asked me about a blouse or dress she had on, I was wondering why she just did not do that here. The changing room lady leads me inside, down the hallway and to the room my wife was in. The lady knocked on the door, my wife opens it up, she is wearing a bra and panties, and askes me what I think. The changing room lady is still standing next to me. I said they looked nice. The lady tells my wife that she would maybe get a better response from me if she put on the pink lacy pair.

Without closing the door, my wife takes off the bra and panties, my dick was getting hard. She was facing us when she lifted her leg to grab the panties that had slid down one leg, giving the lady and I a great pussy shot, which had my dick now very hard and was tenting my pants. My wife turns around, dropping the pair she had just taken off onto the bench. She then bends down to pick up the other pair, now giving us a good butt and even some pussy lips view. I felt the lady rub my hard cock over the outside of my pants. The lady tells me to just go for it. It made pretty good sense to me, so I stepped into the changing room, as I opened my pants and pulled my cock out. I moved in behind my wife and pushed into her, my cock sliding very easy into her very wet pussy.

I am starting to pump away, and turn my head to look to see if the changing room lady was still there, yep she was, and she had a hand up her dress and down in her panties, with her other hand rubbing and pinching at one of her boobs through her top. Now this just got me going, and I was ramming it into my wife. My wife had put both arms out and her hands onto the bench to brace herself. I was always darn good at staying at it until my wife came, and then I would, but with changing room lady being right there I was ready to blow any second. But I guess with the lady being there, had the same effect on my wife, we both came the quickest we ever had, and at the same time.

I was still rock hard, and if we had been at home, we would of changed positions and kept at it. We were both, well I was at the time, learned later my wife was thinking the same, and that was we should get ourselves together and leave. We both turned around, the young changing room lady was still fingering herself. My wife, to my huge surprise used almost the same line the changing room lady had told me, my wife telling me to make good use of my still very hard cock and help the poor young girl out.

I was really at a loss on what to do, and was thinking this was some kind of set up by my wife to see if I really would fuck another woman and right in front of her at that. The changing room lady, dropped her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them as she turned around, and backed into the changing room. She bends over and raised her skirt. I moved in behind her, my cock sliding into her very moist pussy just like it had done with my wife. It felt like I was going to knock the poor lady down as I start to ram her from behind, so I grabbed her hips and held on. From the noise the gal was making, and her pussy tightening up on my cock, I figured she was cumming, which got me to cum. I pumped a good load into her, which at this point surprised me, I did not think I had that much in me these days.

I am still inside her, and holding her hips, when she says hello … and realize she is talking to someone out in the hallway. I could now here another lady asking her something, and the changing room gal tells her to just use any room and to call out if she needed anything. Then came the head turner, which got both my wife and I to look at each other. The other lady out in the hallway answers back to the changing room gal, in response to what was just said, saying well dear when your done there you can have the nice man help me out in my room if he wishes.

Now I get the elbow from my wife, as she tells me to get cleaned up and dressed asap. My wife also hardly ever buys everything she tries on, but she grabs up everything, and says she is buying it all. The young changing room gal does not put her panties back on, but drops her skirt down and leads us out down the hallway. The three of us moved quietly and quickly past the now occupied other changing room. Back out in the store, I saw that it looked like the husband of the woman back in the changing room had taken the chair I had been sitting in and was waiting for her.

Now if my wife ever asks me to go with her again to do clothes shopping, I am going in a heart beat, no questions asked.

By Hubby
#Mature #Teen #Threesome

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