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#Exhibitionist #PreTeen #Virgin

By Bizee

Man finds his way to paradise, he might just stay.

Mark 34
Amy 11
Allie 11
Vani 22
Nelly 10

Im Mark, im 34 and have 2 daughters Amy 11 and Allie 11 (Twins). I’m a physical education teacher.

About 6 months after my wife left me for the guy she was cheating with. She up and left both me, and our girls overnight. In a bid to regain some control in our lives, I located a new job teaching at a school in a town about 5 hours from where we lived with my ex. We pulled up to our new house, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, one floor ranch with a basement, and an inground pool in a giant gated community… ( honestly its almost its own town) around 4pm, and at first nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As we started to carry stuff in, I could see the my neighbor next door, about 50 yards away, waving from her window. I waved and continued to work. The girls headed in to check out their rooms and the house. As soon as they saw the pool, they got excited and began begging to go swimming. I reminded them all their clothes were packed, and instantly their faces dropped, and they began sulking to their rooms. I immediately felt bad. They’ve been through so much this year, and here I am letting them down again. I looked at the back yard, seeing the 6′ privacy fence and called them back to the living room. I wanting to make them happy for once, told them if they wanted the could go swim without their suits.

“like naked?” said Amy

“Yeah. We have a big fence, and our neighbors aren’t very close anyway” I said

“But what about you seeing us Dad?”Allie chimed in

“I’ve seen you without clothes before, and besides, I’m just your dad” I responded

They looked at each other as if discussing something without using words, and then just turned and walked outside, closing the sliding glass door behind them. I started to turn around, with out of the corner of my eye I saw Amy remove her top, revealing her flat chest and hardly visible pink nipples. I turned and saw Allie too had stripped off her shirt, putting on display her flat chest, that had just barely begun to develop puffy nipples, but far from boobs. Simultaneously, they dropped their tiny cut off jean shorts and then turning towards the pool, slightly bent down pulling their panties down to rest at their feet, flashing me thier amazing little bubble butts, and the slightest hint of pussy. Now I’d always had a slight interest in young girls. it started in my teens, and unfortunately never went away. Sure, I’d noticed girls, mine included, but not since I was 16 when I was going out with my best friends 9 year old sister Kourtney, have I touched one.

As I stood there wondering what just happened, why my girls would undress like that, there was a nock at my door.

I opened the door to be surprised by a completely naked mixed woman in her mid 20’s,5′ 1″ with a petite figure, I’d say a small B’s and a small but nice Ass, walking up behind her was a slightly shorter girl, as naked as her mother, showing off a cute set of flat brown nipples and a plump bubble butt.

“Hi, I am Vani, this is my 10 year old daughter Nelly ”

I stuttered, trying to find my words to ask why they are here. and why they were naked. She asked to come in, and before I had even begun to understand, I gestured them in. Nelly ran straight to the back yard, jumping in the pool. through the glass doors I see my girls go from confusion, to introductions, to playing in what couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes.

“Kids are amazing aren’t they?” Vani said, as I realized I’d been staring at the three girls the whole Yeah,

“Yeah, amazing.”

Coming to my senses, I remembered I hadn’t introduced myself. “I’m, mark” I said, trying to ignore her lack of clothes.

“It’s OK you can look, Mark. If you’re going to live around here, you’re going to see this kind of thing all the time.” She said.

I began to speak, but she interrupted me, telling me that this entire “town” stays nude unless they have to venture to what they refer to as “the outside world”.

“There’s one more thing” she said, and she almost started blushing. “We are also all free use. We all are welcome to each other’s bodies whenever we desire.

“Like you can just touch or fuck anyone?” I said thinking surely there are limits.

“Anyone who has reached at least the age of 10 is welcome to experience and enjoy with anyone they like. Have you been to your basement yet?” she asked.

I shook my head no, and she grabbed my had and slowly pulled me toward the basement door.

“You’re, going to love this.” She said opening the door and leading me down.

The Basement was mostly an open floor plan. there was a pool table, and multiple TV’s. to the left of the stairs was a fully stocked bar with about 4 stools. On the other side was, to my surprise, a small stage about 12’×14′, with a silver pole running from the floor to the ceiling. Along the back wall were 2 rooms with beds, and what appeared to be streaming equipment, and a door up to the side of the house.

My mind spun. taking everything in. I stood there, so mind blown, I hadn’t felt Vani undo my belt, and pull my shorts down. I never wear boxers, so instantly she was face to face with my suddenly intrigued 7″ cock. I look down just as she shoved it down her throat. She throat fucked herself with my dick, without even a tiny gag. I dropped down to rest my ass on the edge of the pool table, and closed my eyes. She pulled off my dick. She walked to the bar, and pulled a cloth from behind the counter. She came back and proceeded to tie it around my eyes, like a blindfold. She then layed me back, and told me to just enjoy her body and what she does.

She took me back into her mouth, in and out of her throat. I told her I was close to cumming, and she slowly came to a stop. She began rubbing my shaft up and down, licking the tip before I felt her legs come up over me. she began to ride me, my hands finding her ass pulling her into me. Grinding in to me she came, hard. She pulled herself off, just to turn herself around. After a few seconds, I felt her impale herself with my cock. Again, my hands found her ass. I realized that with this new position, I could explore her asshole, and with the lick of a finger, and a little push, I pushed my entire middle finger up her ass. She let out a moan/whimper, but something was off about it. I pulled it out and adding a second finger, pushed it back in. Another moan/Whimper. I then grabbed her hips, lifting her slightly. I positioned her ass hole above my cock, and pushed her down, entering her Ass with all 7 inches. She began riding me, with my cock in her back door. The moans and whimpers increased, but there was still something off about them. After just a few minutes I felt it, I was going to cum. She could tell I was about to blow, and jumped off repositioning herself facing me, pushing Her incredibly tight (almost tight enough to deny me entry) pussy down on me with a deep moan. She laid across my chest and whispered “cum inside my wet pussy, Daddy”. I was there, it was too late to stop now. Ropes of cum shot deep inside her, but as I reached up and pulled off the blindfold, I saw it had been Vani I’d just filled with cum… it was Nelly. Vani was on the stage, slowing swinging on the pole.

before I could speak, Vani came close and kissed me. “Did you enjoy fucking me? How did you like my little girls ass? How did it feel cumming in her virgin pussy?”

I thought 1000 thoughts, but in that moment could only say. “Yes, I did”.

looking at this girl, still with with my cum, I began to worry my daughters would walk in. As if sensing my worry, Vani and Nelly stood, kissed me on the cheek, and walked out the side door.

I Sat for a min, collecting myself. I went upstairs, worried what they could have seen, or what they could have heard. To my surprise, they were both still in the pool, I stuck my head out, asking if they were ready to come in.

“Yeah, we’re done daddy” they said in unison.

I watched, trying not to stare as my girls climbed out of the pool, naked and dripping wet..

I think I’m going to like it here.

By Bizee
#Exhibitionist #PreTeen #Virgin

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