What was seen… can’t be “unseen” Sex Story

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By Enyawd

After many years, I must share this true account of my childhood. There are many more experiences that I could share depending on responses.

This true story begins way back in the late 1950’s when I was a little boy, even before I started school.
One warm summer evening after I had been kissed good night by my mommy, and had fallen asleep, I was awakened by noises across the hall in my mommy and daddy’s bedroom. It was dark outside, and the only illumination was soft light from their bedroom which cast shadows into my room.

I remember clambering out of bed in my little sleepers and silently making my way towards their room.
The door was fully open and I got to the doorway and observed them silently. As a child that could hardly reach the door knob, my line of vision was about level with the height of their bed, were I saw my mommy lying naked on her back with her knees pulled back and daddy had his hands on them, holding them at her sides.

I was transfixed as I observed daddy, who was also undressed, kneeling on the bed between mommy’s legs and he was pushing his big uncut cock into mommy’s “hairy place”. I could hear the “smack, smack, smack” as daddy keep thrusting himself into her.
Mommy was softly giggling and her soft full breasts wobbled back and forth as daddy thrusted. I watched…I observed as the lamp on the headboard glowed over their nakedness and revealed the shimmering perspiration of two lovers pursuing each others climax.
I starred….frozen in place, innately knowing that I had happened upon something very private, yet unable to tear my childhood gaze away from this intimate interaction. I had a yearning deep down inside my being that seemed to centre on my little boy parts…..and the smell!….oh the delicious aroma that wafted from their bodies…..it was like a drug….a drug of pleasure that filled the room bathed in summer warmth!

I can’t truly recollect how long I was standing there watching this delicious act, but I do remember that the thrusting became more and more intense and mommy’s giggles started to become short pants, and the expressions on there faces became almost painful to watch until…..until daddy groaned out loud and with a violent trust he collapsed onto mommy and they just laid there….grinding against each other…almost as if they were trying to enter into each others bodies through their bodily connection!

I was still “glue” to the doorway…watching as they both came down from their calmative orgasms. Daddy sort of rolled off mommy and she relaxed as her legs stretched out….both of them breathing heavily. Daddy finally got up off the bed holding his shrinking member that was all sticky and slimy. He saw me as he went to the bathroom, turned the bright light on and stood over the sink soaping up his cock and balls and washing the sex juices away while he called mommy to come and put me back to bed.

Mommy came to me and bent down and picked me up. The strong smell that I had caught faintly was now a pungent reminder etching itself into my psyche…..something I will never forget…. As she lifted me back into bed!

Part 2

Fast forward……The details of the next few years have faded somewhat, but I do remember that it became a common practice for me at bedtime to roll over on my tummy and clasp both my hands over my little boy parts, and to squirm around until I “got the feeling”! Obviously this was my introduction to masturbation, however for many years I was able to climax at a very young age, visualizing what I had observed my parents doing. I never really developed an “mother love” fantasy…(well once I did…when I was 12 and half awake one morning….and I asked her if I could fuck her!), but I clearly remember the glorious feelings that I manufactured nightly….and if I spit on my hand first, I could almost manufacture the scents of copulation that was firmly imbedded in my mind!

The problem with such an early sexual awakening, is that it is difficult, if not impossible to find a “partner” in order to share these special feelings. I have read about young boys and girls that were molested by adults….but how does an eight year old find a partner to share these special feelings?

Enter my little sister!

Almost exactly 3 years younger than me, my little sister was always willing to “play” with her big brother….and learn stuff!….especially if it was “grown up” stuff!

There were many little experiments that took place. We naturally took baths together, and played house….and of course played doctor!

We watched and learned how each other “peed”….and got to touch each other and made each other feel “squirmy”!

Things changed when I turned 10! Finally my parents believed that they could go out at night and leave me to take care of my sister. I remember this night like it was only yesterday….my little 7 year old sister dressed in a skirt with white socks and penny loafer shoes she was standing on a chair at the kitchen sink drying dishes that I was washing while we waited for our parents to leave.

Finally, with the clippity clip of mommy’s high heals on the hall floor and daddy’s good shoes squeaking as he followed her out the door, they left us alone with instructions on how to be safe. We hurried to the front window and waved at them as they drove away.

My sister held the tea towel in one hand…my hands were damp and soft from the dishwater. Wordlessly, I took her hand and we scampered up the hall to the bedroom we shared.

She sat down on the side of the bed that I slept in and spread her little knees wide as I got on my knees in front of her. Without any coaxing…..while I was shucking my trousers and underwear down to the floor, my little pudgy sister lifted her skirt up, pushed her white cotton panties down where they hung around one of her feet. There in front of me was her little chubby slit with the finest “peach fuzz hairs” that were hardly visible. Her little lips parted, and as I moved a little closer, and detected a faint pissy smell.

My little boy cock…not more than 4” long was swollen rock hard and was ridged against my tummy. As I inched my way closer in between her legs, both of us gazed down, not knowing the full impact of what was going to happen, but so eager to finally find out what this was all about.

My “German helmet” was purple, engorged with blood….I took my hand and bent my cock down towards her puffy lips….I thought my cock was going to break!

I leaned in!…my cock head pressed against her crease!
We were both breathing in little pants….I pushed harder… she winced!

Frustration began to build…..and then I remembered watching daddy spit on his fingers and rub mommy’s hairy place before he plunged his cock into her!

I spit on my fingers and made her little slit wet…then I made my cock head all slippery. I felt the bottom of my feet’s burn as I touched my cock head….

I placed my cock head against my little sister’s pussy slit again and gave a little push. What happened next was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had! Her little inner lips stretched and seemed to pop over my cock head. We both starred intensely at the beautiful connection!

I placed my hands behind her little behind and began moving back and forth…..we watched my cock move in and out that inch or two! Her pussy lips stretched over and disappeared inside as my cock head disappeared.
The sensations were incredible….almost painful!
Can’t remember how many times I pushed inside and pulled out…but she twisted and turned as I made tiny thrusts until the feeling came and i collapsed clutching onto her bottom….my cock popped out and we held each other until our breathing returned to normal….

…..,only nothing would ever be “normal” again….

By Enyawd
#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin #Voyeur

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