widow’s ass unsealed

(Khola the seal of Vidhwa’s body)

I am 21 years old and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. My complexion is light and single body, my penis is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick. I have always wanted to fuck with girls and aunties, especially the lust towards aunties. Now I come to the story, this story is from six months ago when my college holidays were going on, one day when I opened my Gmail ID after a long time, I saw a mail of a girl named Rani in it.

I opened it and saw, it was written – will you be friends with me?

At first, my heart started bursting, but I knew that this mail must have been sent by one of my friends, so I also replied back by saying ‘Yes’ and I closed the mail. When I opened the mail the other day, I saw that there was a friend request on Gmail in the name of Rani. I accepted him, then after a while I saw that an online message had come, so I started talking.

Rani said – How are you?

I said – I am fine, who are you?

So she said – My name is Rani and I am from Ghaziabad.. Will you be friends with me?

I said – I cannot believe that you are a girl.

So he- why… what happened that you can’t believe me?

I said- My friends email with me by making a girl’s ID and make me a bitch, so…

So she said – give your number.

I gave the number and it went offline.

Then neither his call nor message came so I thought someone is making me mad.

I closed the email and went to sleep and there was no mail or phone call from him.

Then after two or three days in the evening I received a missed call, so I called back.

I asked- Hello… who?

So the girl’s voice came from the other side, she said – don’t you recognize?

I said- Sorry.. I did not recognize you… Who are you?

So she said- Yes.. Will you recognize why.. Giving numbers is a disease of forgetting..

I said – I give numbers to many, so I don’t care at this time.

So she said – I remember the Gmail ID by the name Rani and you had given me your number.

On hearing this, I was happy that it is really a girl.

I talked to her, she told- she lives alone, her husband died in an accident a year back.

So I said ‘sorry’, he said – no problem.

Then we would talk everyday, ask about each other.

It’s been ten or twelve days since we talked like this.

One day she said – can you meet me tomorrow?

I was thinking in my mind that goodness and asking.

I said ok.. she gave me her address and I couldn’t sleep whole night wondering what kind of woman she would be.

Then the next day I went to the address given by him and I knocked on the door. When she opened the door, I kept looking at her, how amazing she was looking. Her age in black saree would be 24-25 years, tight body, fair complexion and figure of 28-30-34. Well.. I went inside then her house was also nice, she made me sit on the sofa, I sat down then she brought water.

I asked – do you live alone?

So she said- yes..

But my eyes were on her boobs.

Then I said – why didn’t you get married again?

She said – not just like that.

I said – I am very sad to know that this happened to you.

So she started crying, then I went close to her, hugged her and started calming her down.

Her nipples were piercing my chest, I felt like getting wet now.

After sobbing for a few moments, she fell silent.

Looking at me she said – will you love me?

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So as soon as I heard this, I put my lips on his lips and started kissing. She also started supporting me. Then we kept kissing for ten minutes. Then she said – let’s go inside the room.

So I said – ok..

As soon as she closed the door, I pulled her close to me and started sucking her lips. Her lips were as soft as a rose and sweeter than gulab-jamun. Along with kissing, I was also pressing her nipples. She was ‘sighing’ and kissing me like crazy. After that first I separated her saree-blouse and bra from her body. I went crazy when I saw her bare tits. I started rubbing her nipples and started drinking her milk. In this way she got very hot, she was rubbing my cock like crazy and was saying- fuck me.. fuck me..

I removed my clothes along with her petticoat, then she quickly took my cock in her hands and started sucking, then she was sucking like a lollipop. I was having a lot of fun, then I fell, she drank all my semen. Then I also removed her panty. Today for the first time I saw a naked pussy and what a pussy she had.. there was not even a single hair. Perhaps he had just cleaned his hair today. I put one finger in her pussy, then she started sobbing- ah ahh.. ahh ahh..

I pushed the whole finger inside and started moving in and out, her pussy became sticky.

‘Please don’t torture me now.. I will die.

I was totally turned on but I knew how to fuck her for a long time. Without delay, I asked him for a condom, so he put a condom on my cock. Now I made her lie down and put her legs on my shoulder and put my cock over her bore hole. I looked into her eyes and seeing her yearning, I gave a light push and the nut got stuck in her pussy. What fun it was guys.. I can’t tell.

Then I pushed a little more, then she screamed, then I put my lips on her lips.

‘What’s hurting?’

So she said – no problem.. I will bear it, I am thirsty for many days.

Now I was sucking her nipples, then she said – do more now..

So I gave a push and the cock went inside. Then I slowly rocked back and forth and started pushing. After a while she started having fun, she was also replying to my blows by pushing her from below. She was fully supporting me and was saying- Cee ueeee maa hi uff mmm fuck me raja.. tear me..bur.. me without fuck.. it’s been a year.

I was also getting excited and now I was fucking her by pushing hard. The whole room was filled with sounds of ‘fuch..fuch’, she was supporting me by bouncing her hips from below.

After a while she said- wait.. I want to come on top of you.

She came on top of me and took my cock in her burrow. Now what was she moving as if she would chew my cock, her breasts were also moving very well. When I started playing with her breasts, she got more excited and started taking my cock in and inside her burrow. She had fallen.

I told him – I am about to leave.

So she said – take it out.

He removed my condom and took the cock in his mouth. I started enjoying a lot, then she started shaking my cock and I left the edge in her mouth.

Her whole mouth was filled with my semen, she swallowed some and threw some out and started laughing after seeing me, she said – today you have made me visit heaven.

I lay down on top of him.

Then we talked a little like this and I was rubbing my hands on her butts and I told her in words – your ass is also very nice.

She understood my meaning and said- dear.. today I am yours.. do whatever you want just love me a lot.

Then before I could say anything, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. It didn’t take long for my cock to get erect.

I said – you become a mare.

She became, I put cock in her ass. A loud scream came out of his mouth. She straightened up, my dick came out.

I said – what happened?

She said – you tore my ass.

Then when her tears came out, I said – there will be some pain but after that it will be fun.

She agreed, I put some oil on the cock, then put it in her ass. After a while my whole cock went inside. Then he also started enjoying and once again my cargo was about to come out, he said – take it out in my ass only.

I removed all the semen inside.

Now she was laughing. He said – today you opened the seal of my ass too. Today you loved me a lot, keep doing like this.

I said – I have made friendship.. then I will fulfill it.

Then we got dressed and I was about to leave so he gave me a sweet kiss and gave me some money.

When I refused, she insisted – keep it.. It is a gift from my side.

I could not refuse and came to my house. Now she calls me every week and I fuck her lovingly.

Then one day she said – I am leaving from here now.

When I refused her a lot, she said – My posting has been done in Nainital.

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She left and I never got to meet her.

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