Winning the lottery part 6 Sex Story

#Teen #Virgin

By OceanWide

A young man scores with his childhood friend after winning the lottery and vacationing in Vegas.

I was very glad for the large room, it’d been a few days since I had the opportunity to really go to town on a sex partner. It was only a few minutes into our session that I realized I’d started way too quickly with Lauren. When she came juices flooding my cock and legs, she screamed so loudly that despite our penthouse room I was afraid we were going to get noise complaints. And I wasn’t really even close.

She was panting hard as if she’d just run a mile, her exposed skin was darker than her usual light brown Asian complexion, flushed with blood that had rushed during sex. Sweat was beading on her face and chest and her massive breaths caused great movement in her breasts. That last part at least was attractive but the rest didn’t bode well from me delivering her a cream pie like I wanted.

My cock, hard as ever was still embedded in her clenching pussy. Feeling not the least bit awkward I began to withdraw, “wait-“ Lauren muttered breathily from beneath me.

I froze. I re-entered, her face contorted in a grimace. “Wait stop-“ she said again.

“Lauren-“ I began somewhat confused

“Just stop, it-it feels” she frowned thinking for a bit.

“Over stimulated?” I ventured a guess based on my experience with Bianca.

She nodded , I frowned. Any stimulation at all would hurt right now and even though we got lubed up and properly horny to avoid pain we ended up having it anyways.

Rather than pain it might be best to describe it as severe discomfort.

I began massaging her legs and chest slowly watching her reaction, not wanting to loose momentum. She nodded and moaned slightly indicating her enjoyment of my moderate caressing.

I once again delighted as I felt her warmth beneath my fingers as I manipulated her beneath me. I massaged deeply, gripping her softly but firmly. As agonizing as it was having a pussy envelop my cock and being forbidden from fucking it I still enjoyed feeling her supple and voluptuous self beneath me.

After a few minutes of a sort of ‘mid-care’ I noticed her breath had steadied though it was still just as deep as before.

“W-we can continue-“ she said exhausted but still at least somewhat excited. Eagerly I began pumping away, delighting in the new way our bodies fit together. With Bianca I’d always felt like I could easily break her, even when I was at my most animalistic with her I still knew that I could seriously hurt her by accident. The same was true here of course but Lauren’s body beneath mine felt so much more solid. Due likely to her more voluptuous body.

Where, when fucking Bianca my fingers often found ribs and bones beneath my fingers now were mounds of flesh. Concentrated on her breasts, thighs and ass of course but all over her body I could find an erotic way to touch her. I never really got the term “love handle” but it was an accurate description in this case.

I felt my cock swell as I delighted in manipulating Lauren’s body with my own, I steadied my own breath staving of my own orgasm for now. My hands worked their way up Lauren’s body massaging her legs torso and chest before working their way out down her arms. As I did so I leaned in closer over her, studying her face. Her eyes were closed, her round face bouncing in time with my cock, she offered no resistance as I lightly pinned her arms to the bed.

Each of my thrusts illicited a moan from her lips, and the rhythmic clapping of our skin echoed off the walls we hadn’t put on any music but I could imagine that it might not be been enough to mask the noises from neighbors or folks walking past our door.I could feel her breath on my face, hot and moist like her insides.

I wanted to kiss her but I held back, instead opting to lean my head besides hers. I nibbled on her ear lightly and whispered so dirty talk. I hadn’t really done anything like this before but it came naturally enough. “God Lauren, your so sexy- I’m gonna fuck you all night” I muttered. I meant it too. I hadn’t realized just how strong my attraction to my friend was until right now but now that I had her there was no way I was going to let her slip away.

“Please~” she moaned, I saw out of the corner of my eye her agape mouth twitch I. The shape of a smile. It seemed she like it.

I pressed on further. “Good girl, ask for it nicely, beg for it” I whispered pressing my body onto hers, feeling her erect nipples dig I to my toned chest.

She gasped “oh please~” she moaned again I sped up my pace of thrusts in response. After all she said please.

“Oh fuck me~ fuck me~ fuck me~” she murmured over and over again that was in an octave higher than her usual voice.

It was too much for me, the way she said fuck- it simply demanded a response from me. I felt my balls tense and I knew I couldn’t stop it.

“Shhhh” I whispered repositioning myself so my face was less than an inch above hers.

Her beautiful green eyes shone and I kissed her, at the same time shooting my load deep in her pussy.

“Mmmmf!” She yelled into my mouth.

I broke the kiss.

“God!” She exclaimed.

I winced in shame .

“Errr sorry!” I said as I went to remove myself from her.

“No god don’t apologize more-“ she said grabbing at me bringing me into another kiss.

I was confused but definitely not complaining. As my cock deflated and Lauren pushed my juices out of her around my cock we embraced eachother, our youngest exploring each others mouths through our smiles.

After a few minutes my cock began to expand again, we both felt it.

“More-“ she begged me again and I was happy to oblige, flipping her over for a slow round of doggy.

We fucked through the night as I promised, six hours a total of 10 orgasms between the two of us before she eventually called me off. I still wanted more but she was exhausted, and ducking for six hours after loosing her virginity- well I definitely didn’t blame her.

We ordered some waters from the 24 hour room service and went to the bathroom to start cleaning up. While rehydrating I asked her how she felt. “Exhausted-“ she said and I believed her. We cuddled in the bathroom for a while, showering together enjoying each others exposed and real company.

I asked her something that had been on my mind for about five and a half hours now.
“You worried about getting pregnant?”

She shook her head and gave me a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “Can’t,” she said simply. “Infertile”

“Oh, I didn’t know” I replied hugging her close enjoying her warmth.

“Well I mean you didn’t need to until it was too late” she said in a sort of mocking tone. I laughed.

We migrated to the bed, still closer than ever , our skin touching all over. We talked for a long while. She asked if I’d be willing to be her her boyfriend, I told her yes but that I think she should experiment first. Figure herself out, see if she really likes women or not because I love her too much to have a bad romantic relationship with her. I also told her I wanted to fuck more people before I settled down permanently. We were both still young so there was no need to rush. She agreed but seemed hesitant.

I promised that I would take care of her, no matter what she chose to do and I told her about Bianca and I. I told her that we had fucked and I got her a house and offered to do the same for her. She decided to consider it and we tabled the discussion.

We fell asleep truly together.

By OceanWide
#Teen #Virgin

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