Xx GF Fuck Story – Fuck virgin girlfriend in her own house

Xx GF fq story first fuck of my classmate girlfriend. She used to kiss and lick but did not have sex. After all, how did I tear the seal of his burrow?

Friends, welcome to all of you in my Xx GF Faq Story.

My name is Rajesh Sahu. I am a resident of Chhattisgarh.
I am 21 years old and my body is also good.

I love fucking girls and sisters-in-law.

Now let me tell you about Xx GF.

Her name is Anjali. She is very fair, she has long hair. There is a different intoxication in his eyes.
Her ass is also very cool, when she walks, her ass shakes well.

If anyone sees him banging his ass even once, then understand that his penis will stand up immediately.
His lips are also very juicy.
Overall it is a cool product.

This is about those days, when both of us used to study together in college. We were both in the same year, so used to sit together in the class room as well.

We used to roam outside together and used to go to lonely places and do kissing etc.
While kissing, I used to press her boobs too, due to which she was filled with excitement.

But she used to control herself. Then she did not allow anyone to do anything in front of her.
I used to feel like beating her badly, but she did not allow me to fuck her.

His birthday was about to come in a few days, so I thought that I would keep beating him on his birthday.

I started planning how to fuck her ass.

Then slowly the day of his birthday also came.

I called him the same night and wished him.
She became very happy.

Like this we both talked the whole night.

Then at last I told him that there is a surprise for you tomorrow.
She kept asking what is the surprise but I did not tell.
I just hung up the phone saying that the surprise would be known only tomorrow.

Then as soon as morning came, I got ready well and went to his house.

There she opened the gate because both her parents had gone to work and she was the only one in the house.
I thought why not take some advantage now.

He closed the gate.
We both went to his room.

After going to the room, I hugged her tight.
She also stuck to me.

After hugging, I started kissing her.
While kissing, I put my hand in his T-shirt and started running my hand on his bare back.

Then I slowly spoke in her ear – I want to have sex with you now. Today is your birthday, so you cannot refuse me.

After thinking a little, he said yes.
Perhaps it was his birthday, so he too had made up his mind and said yes.

Now my happiness knows no bounds.
I hugged her harder and started kissing more.
She was also supporting me.

I took off her top while kissing. She wasn’t even wearing a bra.
Although I came to know this while hugging her, but when I got to see the milk, my cock got tense.

I made her lie down on the bed and climbed on top of her and started kissing her.
While kissing, I was pressing her lovely breasts which were as soft as cotton.
I was having a lot of fun.

While kissing, I moved away from mom and started kissing and licking her neck.
She is also getting hot now. The sound of ah ah ah was coming from his mouth.

Now I came down a little and started drinking one of her milk.
Ahh how much fun it was having friends… what can I tell.

I just went on drinking her milk and she was also giving her nipple in my mouth and was making noises from her mouth ‘Ah ah yes drink it!’

Her intoxicating voice kept coming and I kept drinking her boobs.

Then I came a little further down on her waist.
She had a smooth and sexy waist like butter.

My mouth started watering at the sight of her very fair waist.

I started kissing and licking her waist slowly.
After the waist, I started running my tongue in his navel as well.
His navel was very clear.

As soon as I did this, her condition started deteriorating and she started whining loudly.

Then I also opened her shorts but she was wearing panty.

Now she was feeling shy because for the first time she was naked in front of a boy.

I did a kiss on her panty.
A sigh came out of his mouth.

She was getting hot continuously.

I started licking the ass from the top of her panty.
It was just a while that her panties started getting wet.

I started licking her wet panty too.
What a great taste his water was coming.

After some time I removed her panty and kept it on the side. Now he covered his burrow with his hand due to shame.
I caught her hand and removed it and held both her hands tightly.

I started looking at her.
She was very bad… she was completely fair and she did not even have hair.
It was clear to see that the holes in the holes were cleaned this morning itself.

Then as soon as I put my mouth on his hole and licked it, his sigh came out and water was also coming out.

I continued to lick the hole.
Her loud ah ah ah was coming out.

After two minutes she also started enjoying and she also started supporting me openly.

Right now she was enjoying so much that she was supporting me by lifting her waist, she was helping me in licking the bur.

Only this was coming out of his mouth again and again- ah yes lick it… and lick it hard… enjoying it…. Take out my water

Then after five minutes she got a little stiff and she pressed my head over her burrow.
I could understand something that his burrow left the whole water in my mouth.
After that he got peace.

I licked his ass and cleaned it and said – I have done your work, now you also do my work.
She made me lie down on the bed and climbed up and started kissing me.

Kissing me slowly she reached my cock and she made me completely naked.
She started looking at my standing dick carefully.

He asked – how big is it?
I said – the whole is of 7 inches.

She said – how will I take it inside?
I said – don’t take tension, I am here. you just love it!

He started his work.
Slowly she started shaking my cock.
I started enjoying and sighs started coming out of my mouth too.

She was doing my dick up and down very lovingly.

Then slowly he put his mouth on the supara of cocks.
I was like flying in the air.
Can’t tell how much I was enjoying his warm breath.

Within a few moments, she filled the cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking.
It seemed from the way he licked that I would not be able to last long.

Still I controlled for ten minutes.
When it didn’t stop, I caught her mouth and started fucking her mouth.

Now my dick was going up to her throat.
His tears were coming out.

She was trying to get away from me but I had pressed her head on the cock and was pushing.
In a short while, water came out of my cock as well and I removed all my semen in her mouth.

When the cock was empty, then I got peace by going somewhere.
But she was looking at me with a little anger.
I had removed the rabdi in his mouth.
Then she went to the washroom and came back after washing her face.

When I said sorry to her, she laughed and said – it happens like this!
I became happy and started kissing her.

While kissing, I started pressing her boobs again, drank her breasts too, I kept playing with her boobs for ten minutes.

Sometimes he would drink, sometimes he would bite with love, sometimes he would press her nipple with his teeth, then she would sigh.

After some time I again started licking her ass.
I kept licking her ass for five minutes and then she fell again.

Now we both came in 69 and started warming each other.
In a few minutes both of us got warm.
She said – now put it and don’t bother.

After listening to him, I got up and spit on my cock, some spit on his ass.

I spread her legs and brought the cock to the burrow.
I started rubbing my penis in the burrow and as soon as I saw the opportunity, I pushed the penis in the burrow.

More than half of my cock had entered her burrow in one go.

She was shouting loudly – leave me leave me… don’t do me… don’t have sex with me.

But I kept holding her tightly and went on fucking.
I was going to feed cocks in his burrow without caring about anything.
Blood was also coming out of his hole, but this was normal.

Then in five minutes she also got set and now she also started moving her back.
She started enjoying loudly- ah ah ah… yes fuck me… ah yes… enjoying.

Due to her speaking like this, I started fucking her more forcefully.

After some time both of us changed the position.
I lay down and she climbed on top of me.
She set the ball in her burrow and sat down.

This is my favorite position. There is a lot of fun in this position.
It seems that the girl is fucking you and it is fun to rub and suck on seeing her breasts bouncing.

After a while she got tired and fell on me. She was panting loudly.
I caught her and started running my cock from below.

I started fucking her with all my might.
And she was taking ah ah ah… while doing Lund Bur.
I was fucking her fast.

In the meanwhile the water came out of her hole but I kept on fucking her. I didn’t even stop.

After a while we both came in doggy style. I caught her hair and started fucking her hard.
The sound of our chudai was echoing in the whole room.

She had fallen twice. Now mine was about to happen too.
I asked him- Baby where do I get my water?

She said – don’t take your water inside.
I shot 15-20 more shots in her burrow and took my dick out of her burrow and left all the water on her ass.

After Xx GF Fak, now we both lay side by side.

I told him – did you enjoy the surprise or not?
She laughed and said – I enjoyed a lot but I am feeling pain too.
I said – I will bring you medicine, you eat it.

I put on my clothes and went to get medicine for him.
After some time he came back, fed him something and gave him medicine and left him for rest.

So friends, how did you like this Xx GF fake story of mine, do tell me by messaging me.
Thank you.
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