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Hello friends, today I Karan tell you a new story, this story is a very special story of my life, you will definitely enjoy it, I have some difficulty in writing Hindi, if there is a mistake, then understand a little, what is there in the word , Feel the feeling of my lust, I am new on, but spent some yoga with me with Bali madam that I also felt that I should listen to you my story. Now I come directly to the story without delay, I know otherwise you will abuse me.

There is a lot of talk about yoga here for a few days, so a new yoga center has opened near my house, one day I went to inquire and saw a very cool sister-in-law, she will be about 24-25 years old, everything is fit and Seeing the fine body, I thought that I would also join. I am not very beautiful to look at, but her complexion was black or dark, will not say, but I was a yoga teacher in perfect shape, so I must have been in shape. She said that you join the batch of 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, now there are 4 people in it. So I thought that I will not enjoy the crowd, so I said no, madam, this time will not suit me, if it is 7 o’clock….

Madam thought something and then said ok but now you have to learn alone because there is no one else at that time so I said yes I wanted this one wish of my mind got fulfilled I was happy then he She said yes, you have a tight track, don’t you bring jeans, I will not be able to do yoga, so I said, I will take a new madam today itself, and the next day I left on time, madam was in front of me, I bowed with folded hands, she also replied Today she was looking even more hot T-shirt with deep neck track pant very tight madam said yoga room is inside I followed her said change room is in well room change me immediately I went and changed I went to the yoga room, I was feeling very awkward in tight pants, then madam sat in front of me, I was also sitting and I started telling about some yoga first.

Then asked to meditate, now she told a small yoga easy and I deliberately started pretending not to do it, now she came to me and said, you have never done it, that’s why this is happening and started telling me, she began to train when she bent down Her nipples were clearly visible, I stood with bra and because of tight pants, it was visible, madam also noticed, but what could be done

Then after getting one or two small yoga done, madam said, do this at home today and your attention wanders, so please focus only on yoga. I said sorry and changed my clothes and came out. Next day same time again madam today all I was looking hot boom. Said that I should tell after tomorrow.

So I did and said, “Good, let’s do something else today, lie down, relax, I lay down, move, do it on both sides, do it here, do it there.” She came near and bowed down and said, “Keep your head in front of me carefully and she was telling me something, then all her attention fell on me and I could see my boobs.

Then after saying sorry, I fixed everything, I said to madam, should I say one thing bad, will you not like it? She said why what happened, I said whatever you say, I can’t hear anything, I keep thinking only about you and yesterday also today you have seen my condition, then she said yes.

It is known that I live here alone for two to three months, my husband comes to work outside, yesterday I could not sleep the whole night after seeing you, what should I do, I am still young, I also feel like having sex, you do one thing. I forgive your fees and you keep me happy I held her hand and pulled you up she came on top of me I started kissing her she was also supporting me Abhi was walking slowly then sniffing started turning my face She was roaming around and sniffing from all sides, she was a complete player, brother, I started kissing her on her eyes, holding her head, then she said, come inside. only we

Started again hugging each other and started kissing each other whenever I got a chance and kissing wherever I could, my hand was caressing her buttocks from all over and sometimes she was kissing her back madly and kissing I was taking her around the neck, I was kissing her ears and biting them with my teeth, ahh ah Karan, do a lot of fencing, hold me completely, Karan, there is nothing left, Karan, please hold tight and don’t even pass today ah oh osh eee you are doing a lot of badiy karan hurry up and you lifted one leg and started rubbing my legs

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Now I was kissing her by lifting her on my lap and I made her lie down on the bed and she lay down on her back, lowered her head and hid her face. up with and was kissing ab I kiss her hands almost to the ceiling came up to the neck and opened the hook of the blouse from behind there were five hooks as soon as I opened the hook the hook of the bra was in front I had around the hook of the bra Opened bra while kissing full flat sexy back in front of me no need to tell what I would have done

Then kissing the lower leg, I went up and kept kissing the whole, I made the madam lie straight and removed all the upper clothes, I got a glimpse of the whole nipples, I started loving both the nipples, I will press the left one with the boob in my mouth. Started sucking and started pressing the other and started licking the nipple with the tongue round and round and madam ah hahah s do it S karau ahh hmm karo Karan very badiya you are a doctor of sex do I am also where is your cock give me here ah please please make me happy na Karan please,

She was doing it like crazy, I was also playing with the tits like a hungry lion, now I came down, kissing, passing through the stomach, I inserted my body on the navel, put the means and started sucking the navel deeper than the creature. I was leaving she was pulling my hair and flirting mouth chattering aaah h ueeee please karan aaab dial do aapna lund please karan aur mat tadpao aaah ummm h etcetera aaah ummm h etcetera aaah I took off her panty everything aaaaab she was completely nude Thi I also took off everything now my cock was in front of her she got up and sat down and kissed my cock very lovingly and said what a beautiful thing the maker has made without SK everything is useless secret and mouth I took and many I didn’t even have to tell the way cock was sucked and she herself was sucking, licking, kissing everything.

Then she said, dear, you fuck my mouth thinking it as a pussy, do it as hard as you can, I want to feel your cock till the throat, saying this I took the cock in my mouth and started moving back and forth, now I am also holding his head Kar started fucking Mooh and she sometimes pressed the cock from Mooh’s creature and sometimes rose up and was doing many ways, I also became wild, deepthroat was fucking

When she started having trouble, she put her cock out and said, dear, that’s it, my pussy is fine, look what the condition of the pussy is, do something with the pussy, then I took the same and lay down between her legs and spread my legs and tongue He started licking all around the pussy, then spread the pussy and put the creature in the pussy, hot like fire, when the creature goes, it is very fun. Lifted up as if it was easy to do yoga, the pussy opened up and came right in front of my mouth. Woh aah aah oosh raj ho gaya karan aab put karan I have fallen twice karan plz aah aah sh sh fk me karan fk me

I also saw that this is the right time to enter the pussy, now she went into another posture, a very sexy posture, this is the name of that pose, it is similar to doggy style, but the legs are slightly spread and the head is completely down. This pussy opens completely and comes out so that the cocks go easily in the full depth, now I did not delay and pushed the cocks a lot and holding the waist, my cocks started moving back and forth very easily. The soft bone of the pussy was passing by, I was making the cock more desperate. I went to Dhanur Ashan, I stood on the side and lifted one leg and put it on my shoulder and put one hand in front of the wall and my cock was right in front of the pussy. So I caught hold of her nipples with a big hand and began to rub her. Karan, I am yours, I will pay all your expenses from today onwards. She was going to say do it and jerk harder and harder Karan after about ten minutes I was about to ejaculate said dear where should I go out she said wait I have to leave the goods and I lay down

She came on top of me and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it up and down, she was looking very sexy and she started doing it with speed. I was about to leave. I drank the goods, friends, my sex relationship with me and Yoga Bali madam started from here, now I have sex everyday, in one to one pose.

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