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Read in Young Girl Hindi Xxxx story that I was fucking my wife after getting drunk that her niece saw us fucking. On the pretext, I made my niece drink too.

Friends, I was telling you the story of the sex of my wife and her niece Chanda.

first part of hindi xxxx story
My wife got drunk and fucked her pussy
Till now you had read that my wife was only in tights and started seeing her near her niece Chanda.

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Inside his niece was looking at the fan lying on the sofa.
My wife stood directly in front of him and said to her niece – yes then what do you have to say now? Intoxicated or not?

His niece didn’t say anything and sat on the sofa waving.

Then what he did, I had not thought at all.

His niece held the hand of her aunt i.e. my wife and said- Aunt, you are great. You are really cool stuff.

By saying this, he pulled my wife closer to him and started caressing my wife’s stomach.
Then she said to my wife – Bua, can I kiss you?

My wife was certainly intoxicated, but she also knew that a woman would get some pleasure by kissing another woman.
She said – what will be the fun of kissing you, the fun will come when kissing your uncle.

His niece said – Hey aunt, you will now know how much fun you are going to get from kissing me. I am unmarried, so I can’t do it with any boy, but I have had a lot of fun with one of my friends. Sometimes being a lesbian is fun too.

My eyes widened with astonishment.
So its niece is a lesbian.

My wife said – I do not know what a lesbian is. But if you enjoy kissing me, then kiss me.

She started kissing my wife’s face. Then my wife’s nipple started sucking.
‘Ahhh…’ my wife said lightly.

She said – Why aunt, are you having fun or not?
My wife did not say anything and again a slight ‘ahh…’ came out of her mouth.

I could feel from his sigh that he is enjoying it.
His niece was now kissing his belly. Suddenly he dropped my wife on the sofa while kissing her stomach.

As soon as my wife fell on the sofa, her niece took off my wife’s panty with firecrackers.
Although she was also waving drunk like my wife.

Now she was sitting right in the middle of my wife’s legs.
He spread my wife’s legs with his hands and she sat right in front of my wife’s pussy.

My wife was also letting him do whatever he wanted.
Suddenly his niece put her trembling lips on the pussy of her aunt i.e. my wife and filled her mouth with the slits of her pussy.
My wife squealed with glee at this sudden attack – ahhh… them…

My wife pressed her head tightly on her pussy by squeezing her legs and kept it like this for a minute.

Then left the grip a little loose and she took out her tongue and started licking my wife’s pussy.

My wife was completely engrossed in the fun. Drunk, she was not realizing at all that she was getting her niece to lick her pussy.

On the other hand, her niece was also licking her aunt’s pussy with full of fun.

Niece said – Aunt, should I also take off my clothes?
My wife said – Yes, open the donation, but I keep kissing it. Having a lot of fun.

Saying this, my wife pointed towards her water dripping pussy.

His niece took off all her clothes in just half a minute.
Now she was only in tights.

She again came in the earlier position and started licking my wife’s pussy closely.

My wife and her niece were engrossed in such fun that they could not even imagine that I might see them doing all this.

I was also engrossed in the fun, but seeing the fun of these two, I was very intoxicated.

I also thought of taking advantage of their fun.
I started thinking how to take advantage?

Suddenly an idea came to me.
I brought my mobile and set it in video recording mode and adjusted it at a place in the room.

The angle of the mobile camera was kept in such a way that both of them could be seen clearly.

While putting the mobile, both of them did not feel at all that I was coming inside.
Niece was busy licking her pussy and my wife was enjoying with her eyes closed.

After turning on the recording, I stood there for 2-3 minutes.

Now the time had come for me to take advantage of this incident.
All my attention was focused on my wife’s niece. She was on her knees licking my wife’s pussy.

My wife was completely hanging on the sofa.

Chanda had to bend down a lot to lick my wife’s pussy and because of this she was in mare pose.
Her fleshy buttocks and fair fair fleshy legs in tights only made my legs tremble.

I was not going to stop. I was wearing pajama and under it the cock was tight inside the underwear.
I opened my pajama with firecrackers and also opened my underwear and tossed it aside.

My underwear fell straight on an empty glass.
The glass fell down from the table onto the floor. ‘tonn’ of glass. The voice resounded in the room.

I was scared that both of them would wake up shocked.

But it is a matter of courage that even one of the two has paid attention to the falling of the glass.
Both of them were engrossed in their work as before.

I also got into thinking that really the pegs have done too much work for both of them.

Now I was also completely naked and was standing near these two naked women.
I thought how to start rubbing them?

Then thinking this, I made up my mind that whatever happens will be seen.
I went right behind my wife’s niece and sat on my knees.

At first he started looking at her big buttocks carefully, then slowly lowered her tights down.

Now her ass is visible.

Then with courage, he slipped the trunks a little further down.

She didn’t move at all and kept licking my wife’s pussy like that.

Now I had lowered her tights so much that little glimpses of her pussy were visible.

Now my cock was also so stretched that it was about to explode.

I mustered up all my courage and slipped his tights down to his knees.

She shook a little, but continued with her work.

My wife’s squeals of fun were making me drool ‘ahh… oooh oh hahah…’

Now I could see her niece’s pussy very well.
My tongue licked seeing her pussy.

I didn’t see it and started moving my tongue on her pussy.

She started moving her buttocks lightly with fun.

But even now she did not look back to see who was licking her pussy. She was engrossed in her lesbian thoughts. Perhaps he must have felt my tongue being his friend’s tongue.

She started licking her pussy while moving comfortably.

While licking my wife’s pussy, slapping sounds were coming from her mouth.
Now, along with the clapping, the sounds of ‘Ahhh… Ahhh…’ were also coming.

Water was gushing from her pussy even before I started licking it.
His tights were also wet when I took them off.

Her pussy was already hot so I stopped licking her pussy.
Then wetted his cock with a little spit and put it on the mouth of her pussy.

At first there was a little fear, but with courage, he hit with a strong blow.

Her pussy was so wet that in one stroke my entire cock entered her pussy.

Now he felt something different and he got painful feeling. She stopped licking my wife’s pussy and started looking back.

He tried to remove me with one hand.
Meanwhile, my wife held her mouth in her hands and again pressed it on her pussy and wrapped her legs like scissors around his neck.

Now she could not even move her mouth.

When I hit her pussy with a blow, she tried to take my dick out of her pussy by turning herself forward.

But my wife, drowning in intoxication and fun, had pressed her mouth on her pussy in such a way that she could only lick my wife’s pussy, could not move at all.

When I saw this, regardless of her, I started fucking her.

After just 2-3 minutes of shaking, now she also started enjoying fucking.
She started licking my wife’s pussy again while kissing.

After about 4-5 minutes more, her body started cramping. I understood that her pussy is about to release water now.

I was almost going to fuck her.

After about 10-15 thuds, he took a jolt and clenched his legs tightly.
She was upset.

On the other hand, my wife was squeezing her mouth hard on her pussy.
On the other side my wife was fucking her mouth, here I was going to fuck her pussy.

Now the time had come for my wife to fall too.
For about two minutes, he rubbed his niece’s mouth on her pussy at full speed and with a forceful jerk, bounced her ass.
She pressed her niece’s mouth tightly on her pussy.
My wife did not move at all for a minute.

I stopped too.
My wife kept falling in her niece’s mouth peacefully for a minute, then moved her mouth away from her pussy and sat down a little higher.

With her sitting down, she could see me comfortably now.
She was seeing that I was fucking her niece.

But even after seeing this, she was sitting very comfortably and was smiling lightly on seeing me.
The satisfaction of the whole world was visible on his face.

At that time his niece’s face was kept on his wife’s knees.
I again started fucking her niece.

This time I jerked fast for 2-3 minutes without stopping and now I was about to ejaculate too.

I pushed my cock tightly in her pussy and shot my semen in her pussy with a pichkari.
For some 20 seconds, with closed eyes, I kept falling in her pussy with pleasure.

Then me and my wife’s niece, both of us rolled near my wife’s feet.
I remained lying like this for two minutes, then got up and stood.

Water was dripping from my wife’s pussy, due to which the sofa had become wet.

Her niece’s mouth and throat were stained with water from my wife’s pussy and my semen was dripping from her pussy.

In fact all three of us had tremendous sex.
The pussy cock semen and the sweat coming out of our bodies filled the room with a wonderful smell.

All three of us were full of satisfaction.

The intoxication of both of them started reducing little by little.
My wife asked her niece – does one peg get intoxicated or not?

His niece looked at her aunt with a beautiful smile, then sitting near my feet she inserted my semen and her pussy juice coated cock in her mouth.

Then sucking tightly with a loud sound of snake snake, I took my cock out of my lips and said with a mischievous smile – Aunt should drink one more peg at night.

I understood that the maid is eager to fuck.

He asked again – what do you have to say?
My wife laughed and said – Sure.

It was like winning the lottery for me.

All three of us met eyes and smiled mischievously.

Then all three said loudly together – Cheers.

My cock has to fuck his niece with his wife tonight. I am going.

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