Young Love: Part 2 Sex Story

#PreTeen #Virgin

By Timmy1

Read “Young Love” to follow along with the story

As I mentioned in the previous story I had some previous sexual experience from a neighbor. This neighbor, Ellen or El as she like to be called, was late 20’s and the object of every straight man’s dreams. Long strawberry blonde hair, gorgeous ass, slender body, beautiful b cup tits. Total knockout. I was always starry eyed around her as a kid. I had an enormous crush on her to say the least.

She called me over when I was outside. She asked me to do some chores for her. I thought the whole thing was odd. It was easy shit she could’ve done herself. “Come on in! It is hot out here.”, she said. She shut the door and had me sit down at the kitchen table. She stood in front of me. “You know. I can feel your eyes on me all the time. Why are you always staring at my body?”

“I….I….”, I had no clue what to say. I blushed.

She laughed. “You’re adorable! You know that? Do you like me?”, she asked

I nodded all starry eyed excited to think about where this might be heading.

She palmed my chin and grabbed my face. “Cat got your tongue? Timmy?”, she laughed.

She grabbed my pants at the crotch and rubbed my cock. Which swelled up instantly. She chuckled and shook her head. “Young boys!”

She unzipped my pants and took my dick out. “Nice! Nice size. Wow! Girls are going to love you in high school.”, she said. She was being playful and asked, “Oh I am sorry! Do you mind?” I just stared at her speechless and not believing this was happening.

“Geez! You do wonders for my ego! It is like I ripped your voice box out! Can you talk?”, she asked. I just nodded. “Ok come on! Up! Bedroom now!”, she said.

I moved quickly in there. “Calm down! This is going to happen! You’re not gonna miss anything! If you do, I’m sure we can make it up the next time. That is if you want to do this again. I’ll let you be the judge of that when we’re done.”, she smiled and laughed

We sat on the edge of the bed. She showed me how to kiss. We kissed for like 10 Minutes.

“Are you going to make a move?”, she asked

“Huh?”, I said. Not knowing “what making a move” entailed.

She sighed, “VIRGINS”, and chuckled. She grabbed my cheeks with both hands. “TOUCH ME SOMEWHERE!”

I froze. “Ugh!”, she said. She shook her head smiling. She unbuttoned her shirt and guided my hand inside. I felt her soft breast in my hand. “There you go you are doing fine! Just relax and enjoy it! You are to tense! You are not going to screw this up! Don’t worry!”, she said

I began flicking her hard nipples. “There you go.” She said. She took her shirt off. I went for broke and started sucking on her hard nipples. She was massaging my dick jacking it up and down.

She got up and took off her pants and underwear. I took of my clothes. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her beautiful strawberry colored bush. “Go ahead. Explore.”, she said.

Her pussy was so soft. I felt her lips and ran my fingers in her moist slit. Feeling her clit and fingering her hole. She pulled my hand away and got on the bed and spread her legs. She taught me how to eat pussy and how to properly pleasure a woman.

I danced my tongue on her clit and sucked on it as my index and middle fingers were sliding in and out of her. She moaned as did this to her.

“Come on lay down on the bed. I will return the favor.”, I did. She put her gorgeous strawberry pussy in my face. It had a wonderful aroma. I buried my face between her lips licking and sucking on her clit. She was moaning in ecstasy. I shoved my thumb in her soaking wet tunnel and shoved my index finger up her ass feeling the lining in between. It was driving her nuts. She grabbed my rock hard cock and started bobbing up and down. She started making moaning sounds as her hips started to shake. She fell forward digging her fingernails into my legs. “Ahhhhh uhhhhhh”, as her orgasm peaked. She laid on top of me exhausted. She got up after a minute. Big smile on her face. Her strawberry hair surrounded my head as she kissed me.

“Are you really a virgin? You eat pussy like a pro!”, she complimented.

“You ready?”, she asked

“Ready?”, I said confused

“I am going to make you a man.”, she said. She dug her tongue into my face as her hand reached for my dick. She plugged herself in. I felt the most wonderful feeling as my cock slid inside her. She was moving up and down on me. I tried moving my hips to fuck her. She sat up and pushed down on my forehead. “No! You lie still. You got me off. I am returning the favor.”

She was beautiful. Man she was so beautiful. He gorgeous body bouncing up and down on my dick. Her cute tits bouncing up and down. She could tell I was about to come. She bounced harder and harder. “Holy… fuck! Oh El!!!”, I said as I blew my load into her lovely tunnel. I shot every last drop into her. I laid there trying to catch my breath. She came down. Her strawberry hair surrounding my head again. She kissed me. Her tongue and mine in a loving sword fight. We made out for like five minutes or so.

“Alright. I got ready for work.”, she said, “Come by tomorrow. I will show you some more stuff.”

I left there with my head in the clouds. “That was awesome.”, I thought. I went home. My dad asked how I got those marks on my legs. “Oh yeah. I fell.”, I said. He asked me what happened. I played dumb.

“Well you look like you are glowing. I saw you over at El’s. What happened?”, he asked

I never told on her, but I think my dad knew. He patted me on the shoulder. We sat on the back porch and he gave me a beer. I think he was proud his son lost his virginity. Lol. The sunset on a wonderful day as my dad and I sat and relaxed.

By Timmy1
#PreTeen #Virgin

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