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By Timmy1

My stepsister, Jen and her friend Molly
, both 11, were swimming at our house. I was 12. My dad built a changing room and shower area by the pool. “No he doesn’t!”, I heard Molly say. I went into change. I removed all my clothes and heard a loud gasp. They scattered when I moved to the door. I got my trunks on. They were watching me from a hole in the wall.

I grabbed Jen in the pool. “What were you doing?!!”, I asked her.

She stammered that they weren’t doing anything. “Yeah nothing but spying on me naked.”, I said

She giggled, “No why would we? That is gross!”

“Oh too bad! I was gonna let you touch it and everything.”, I said

Molly spoke up, “Hey let’s not be hasty! Uh I might want to look at it.”, she said

Jen gave her a dirty look. “Well he is cute!”, Molly said

I laughed. “Am I now? I am actually a monster and I am going to eat you up.”

I chased after Molly in the pool. I grabbed her leg and pulled towards me. I tickled her as she laughed hysterically and I kissed her cheek.

“Quit spying on me!”, I said. She stuck her tongue out at me. I grabbed her ass and squeezed. I moved my finger between her legs and rubbed her pussy with her bathing suit. Her face became serious as I rubbed her. I kissed her lips.

“Quit being a brat! Maybe ask next time?”, I said. “Your kinda cute too!”

Later that day I saw her in her backyard. I waved for her to come over. We went to the storage area of my basement. We started making out and I took my dick out and showed her. She felt it up.

“Put it in your mouth!”, I said

She looked at me repulsed. “No way!

“Come on! Adults do it! I will talk you through it.”, I said

She shook her head and did not want to. So I left it. I didn’t want to pressure her. I set her up on a box and pulled her bikini off.

“Can I touch it?”, I asked. She smiled and covered it with her hand. “You brat!”, I said.

I learned from a neighbor lady how to eat pussy. She liked young boys. So when Molly moved her hand away I went down on her. I was licking her outer folds at first. Just getting her used to it.

She was like “Hey what are you doing?”, she said. “No please!” Her legs locked around my head as she was trying to get away.

“Stop! Relax! It is me! I am not going to hurt you! I wanna show you something cool ok?”, she still squirmed a little as I did it but tried to relax. After a little bit, she got used to it. I used the routine I used on my neighbor friend. I swished my tongue on her clit. Her hips started moving slightly as she was getting into and she was giving soft moans.

“See there you go!”, I said. She pushed my head back down into her crotch. I chuckled. Ok “shut up and get back to work!” Got it.

I slid my pinky into her. She let out a loud gasp as it entered her. “Just relax.”, I said. She pushed my head down again. I put my face to her pussy and sucked her clit. She made a high pitched moan as her muscles tightened. Her upper body twisted to one side as her legs clamped down on my head. She moaned for a good 30 seconds or more as her juices squirted on my finger. She collapsed on the box. Out of breath. She just laid there.

“Well? You like?”, I asked. She got up and kissed me more passionately than before. Grabbing my dick and jacking it. She looked me in the eye and then took my dick and put it in her mouth. I was hard as a rock now. She did it sloppily at first but I coached her through it. Telling her what felt good and what didn’t. She started sucking hard on it as she came back up. I did not last much longer and blew my load into her mouth.

She was making some repulsed noises at first but accepted what was happening and let me finish in her mouth ok I thought she would spit it out but she swallowed it. I kissed her forehead.

“Come on make out with me now!”, she laughed. “Come on Tim!”

Now I was repulsed. She laughed and gave me the biggest hug. We went outside and talked. Enjoying the sun, the pool and each other. Young love is great.

By Timmy1
#PreTeen #Virgin

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