Young Tish gets a Job Part 2 Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen #Voyeur

By DirtyDon

14 Year old Tish finds her new swim coach job can be fun and profitable

Please read part 1 of our story, Young Tish Gets a Job,

After I took the nice man’s $20.00 bill and cleaned Tia up enough to send her back to her foster home, As I waited for the Taxi to take me home , I hatched a plan….

I had 8 kids in my class, 3 where easy picks for my new business venture. Tia of course, Mikey a 12 year old black kid with what was surly some kind of mental retardation, after all his mom was a crack whore. Amara, a 11 year old from South Africa who’s mom had died and her dad was deported and 2 kids that might play along. But for now I decided to work with what I have.

On the second day of classes I picked Mikey out for some “one on one” instruction, Just like yesterday the same 4 men where on the treadmills at the big window. As I did with Tia I supported Mikey with my arms as he paddled, I took my right hand and put it right on his 12 year old cock. he quickly hardened , and it was so nice thru his tight nylon shorts I could feel his 8″ cock, it was so much bigger that my dads, As I brazenly felt up his boy toy I discovered something odd. the cock shaft was thin, very thin like a boy his age would normally have but the head, It was like a mushroom about twice the thickness of his shaft. It was heavenly.

As I felt his cock, he grunted, trashed around, to any on lookers it was as if he was having a bit of panic attack from his poor attempt to swim, but I knew better he was fucking my hand under the water. I think he was acting like this because he was mentally challenged and didn’t quite understand what was going on … but he liked it.. alot. He soon let out an audible moan as he tensed up and came. I could feel his cock shudder as he pumped his boy honey in his shorts. His body went limp as I lead him over to the side of the pool and had him set out awhile. I knew Mikey and I where going to become good friends.

Next up was Amara, she was 11. And later I found out she had a sister who had just turned 14 and was in the foster care program, the sister had a baby to there father, that’s why the deportation. If you ever want to feel good about your life, just talk to a foster kid, there loves are really a fucking mess.

Amara was dark, being from South Africa and all, she was also very shy. She spoke fluent French (yea French..and shes from Africa, Who knew ..right) I chose her for just this reason, she would have a hard time anyone and if she did she might be seperated from her sister if she caused trouble. I had to take this slow, I took her over by the big window, where the men where watching, I had her on her belly, supporting her like I did the other kids .I slipped my finger from my right hand right into her little My lil Pony panties, right next to her lil baby reaction, as she paddles I worked it in her slit. .not far about one knuckle, she was tight. she looked at me, a glazed look in her eyes .A look I have seen in my own mirror at home when I was finger fucking myself, That look of pleasure. I smiled at her and told her what a good girl she was a she beamed I did that thong thing with her panties, where i pull them up really far into her lil slit I made sure the men at the window got the full show, I even turned her around and held her facing the men, innocently lifting her shirt flashing on of her pink nipples ,so cute with her being so dark skinned. I played with her for about and hour. I was like one of those models on a game show showing off the prize,

But so soon it was time to shower and change the kids for the van ride home. As before the door opened on the big glass wall, a man, not the same man as before but one of his buddies at the treadmills. He was shy. stammering , telling me what important work I did, finally I just stopped him, I ask what he wanted. Well, he stammered, and ask if the lil black boy, Mikey I said, his name is Mikey, he said with what looked like fear, “Is he in that big brother program ” id like to volunteer. I held back a laugh, I told him in a quite voice. “you can mentor Mikey all you want for $50.00 an hour” he looked shocked then slowly got that look all men get when they see a chance to get there cocks off. And the look I knew how to profit from.

Damn the van is here to pick up the kids, more on this later.

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By DirtyDon
#Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen #Voyeur

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