Young Tish Gets a Job Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #PreTeen

By DirtyDon

14 year old Tish is forced by her Mom to get a summer job, And $2.85 an hour isn’t going to cut it,, she’ll have to find a way to earn more.

This journey all started when my mother, a Chicago city council women discovered that 70% of poor kids cant swim, why does that mater you ask? Because Chicago is on the shores of Lake Michigan and this fact alone, and my mothers need to solve problems real or perceived set us on this path to debauchery.
A little about me, I’m Tish I just turned 14, I’m 5/6 and 135lb , mixed race with skin the color of mocha. My mother says i am “big boned” , i have small breast, a small B cup. As far as my sexual experience that limited to my hair brush handle and few visits from my dad at night when he’s been drinking and my moms at some fund raiser, But more on that in another story.
It was this fund raising that led me to my new summer job. Swim coach, i was to teach poor kids from the Cook County foster system to swim, 3 days a week 8 till noon, My only qualification was a swim badge from summer camp, The location was some posh private health club on South Belmont Ave. The club let the city use the pool in morning, and got a huge public relations boast, Kind’a of a ” Look what we’re doing for the poor kids” thing . The pool was in a separate huge room from the main gym area of the club, separated by a big glass wall.
A city van would pick the kids up from area foster care homes and transport them to the pool they where the ages of 7 to 13, and like many foster kids came with there share of problems. I was to have 12 kids in my class , and was one of 3 instructors, The only problem was, i was .the only instructor that showed up, I soon found out that the “teaching” part of swim lessons was a Joke, it soon devolved into just playing in the pool and for the $2.85 per hour , I was being paid I was ok with that .
While i was watching the kids, I noticed 4 men watching thru the glass wall, they were on treadmills that faced the pool. The kids where 5 girls and 3 boys, yea only 8 of the 12 showed up. One of the men seemed to be fascinated with a lil Latino girl, Tia was her name and at only 10 and a real cute girl with shoulder length curly brown hair, and a hot lil bubble butt, she was not in a swim suite but panties and a crop top, none of the kids had a real suite ,being 1985 and in foster care the kids just didn’t get such niceties.
As they watched i moved to Tia, and under the guise of teaching her to swim, I put my hands under her and supported her as she paddled , i pulled her panties up in her ass crack like a thong ,with her hot lil ass pointing at the men watching I had her scissor kick , letting the men see her lil slit thru her wet panties, the I had her roll over on her back, as i supported her i had her do the back stroke, her lil titlets poking thru her wet shirt, her lil nipples hard from the water it was even getting me a lil excited, them watching and her lil ass in my hand;
This went on all morning, me taking a by one and feeling them up as the men watched, but at 11AM i had them go to the shower rooms and get ready to go , One of the men that had been watching approached me as i got out of the pool, I thought i was in trouble, as he approached me he took out his wallet and gave me $20,00, he said it was a “tip” of sorts for helping out the poor kids, then he ask if he could into the locker room and meet that kids. Even at 14 i knew this was kind of weird but $20,00 was all the reason i needed to let him. He went straight to Tia, she was just toweling off getting ready to change , i could see the man had a raging hard on. Tia , like most foster kids in 1985 was no stranger to sex, looking like she did she had more than one foster dad and even a few foster moms that visited her bed at night., with out a word he took her by the hand and led her to the small room where the pool supplies where stored, i followed , after all i was responsible , and one turning up hurt or dead would really piss my mother off.
In the room he had Tia set on a 5 gallon bucket . as he waved me over he said “20 was just a start” of what i could make, He pulled his gym shorts down his & inch hard cock sprung out ,he had me stand beside him , without even asking i took it in my hand and started stroking it, He put it to Tia’s lips and like a good lil foster kid she started sucking his head as i stroked him. I knew that stroking a guys cock in a lil girls mouth in a closet of all places was fucked up on many levels, but…. well it was so fucking hot., she sucked cock like a lil pro, looking into his eyes making lil sounds , playing the lil sex kitten role so well. with his hand around my waist he soon had one of my tits exposed, pinching my lil nipple, telling me what a hot lil slut i was. No one ever called me a “hot” not even a perv like this guy . It was at that moment i knew i had found my calling in life.
As i stroked him i could feel his cock getting harder, he took his cock out of Tia’s lil mouth and rubbing it on her face shot a huge load of cum on her, rubbing it on her face and lips. I also came , it was just that hot. After he had taken a towel and cleaned up he took his wallet out and gave me another $20,00 bill. I told him the kids and i where here 3 days a week all summer long.
That was the way i took a shitty $2.85 an hour job and made a small fortune. But more on that later,
This is my first story please comment and let me know if you want more;)

By DirtyDon
#Exhibitionist #PreTeen

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