YouTube Sex Video Me Dance Karti Bahan Ki Chudai

Jharkhand YouTube Dancer Sister Brother Sex Story, YouTube Sex Video me Dance Karti Bahan Ki Chudai, Jharkhand Sex Story: Nowadays every single people are making YouTube videos. And by putting your videos on social media, you are earning your name and earning money. There will be many of you who are making videos on YouTube. What I will talk about in secret will be different. This is my first story on Today I am going to tell you my story. This sex story is between me and my brother. Hope you have not read such stories till date.

So let’s know about this sex story about a brother who makes videos for youtube to his dancer sister, brother also dances in it and how he fucks his sister who is a resident of Jharkhand. First let me tell you about myself. My name is Sushma and my brother’s name is Rajesh. I am 21 years old and my brother is 22 years old. We both make videos on YouTube, we also make videos for social media like Instagram and YouTube. But nowadays there has been so much competition, friends, nowadays people have started showing their body. And if you don’t show your body, don’t show your sexy style, then no one will like your video, share it or watch the song.

It has become a compulsion for us to make such a video in which there is flamboyance in which it can be shown. I did the same guys. Ever since we brothers and sisters started showing our bodies and started coming close to each other, people started watching a lot. Nowadays people are liking the video of both of us very much and watching it, this is the only reason that both of us are giving little sexy poses in the video we are making these days.

Now coming directly to the story that what happened. Once upon a time we both were dancing on a Bhojpuri song. And there was such a scene in Bhojpuri song. Picking up the heroine’s boobs from below. That’s what my brother was doing. He was making a gesture of lifting my nipples by touching them wholeheartedly. Both of us brothers and sisters were suiting up to such songs. He was posing very well and was looking very sexy. You will not even feel that a brother and sister are suiting up in this video. Very sexy post was very hot. Friends, something started happening to me too. Listen to me was slowly blazing. But I knew that the person in front is my real brother, so I will not do anything.

But when the scene is over. So brother’s changed mood was visible. I was surprised. The shooting of the video had stopped friends but my brother’s shooting had started now, he took me in his arms. Started kissing me, started kissing me. Earlier he was lifting my nipples from below but now he started pressing them tightly. I was shocked, I was not able to say anything, what would I say, because this thing was already happening for half an hour. Now the same thing started happening in real. I have already told you that my lust was also throbbing.

Now I have also started cooperating. She was letting him do what he was doing. There was no one in the house. And even while shooting, my mother and my father are in my family, both of them are not there. Often both of them go to the farm and when we shoot, they stay out of the house. But friends, there was fire from both sides, that’s why. We both started kissing each other, now started caressing each other’s body.

It didn’t take long for my pussy to get wet. My lips had turned red. I started taking sobs. My body started breaking down, so I started taking limbs. My brother took off my top and unbuttoned my bra. Even so, according to the grain, I was wearing this and a short skirt. Pulled up the skirt and slid down my pant. He started sucking my nipples as if he was sucking ice cream. Friends, I could not help it, I also put his pants down and to open it, he himself said to open it, he immediately gave his life and opened his pant.

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I immediately took his thick cock in my hand and took it in my mouth. Now my brother started making the sound of CC. He started grinding pistachio teeth and then pressing my nipples, he started pulling my ass towards himself, friends. He started biting my lips as if he would go today. I was pulling his cock like this, it seemed that I would uproot it today.

He immediately threw me down, separated my legs, took out his thick cock and put it on my pussy hole, pushed it hard and put his entire cock inside my pussy. Friends, as soon as his cock went inside my pussy, I got mad, I started rotating my ass. Taking her l** inside, she would push from below, he would push from above. Fuch fuch sound started coming and we both took each other in our arms and sucking each other’s lips. Kissing on the neck while bringing the body together. He started fucking me and I started getting fucked.

He immediately made me a mare and put his cock inside my pussy from behind. He used to slap me on my butt falsely, muscle my boobs and pull my hair by the hold. I was also enjoying a lot. After that he lay down I sat on top of him and took the whole cock inside my pussy. My pussy had become very wet, started extracting white colored butter. Seeing his brother, his mind got greedy, he immediately turned upside down i.e. came in 69 position.

He was licking my pussy I was sucking his cock. When he cleaned my pussy by licking. Then he put pillow under my ass and started fucking again. For about 1 hour we both danced each other’s body. Kept fucking and getting fucked. Then went somewhere to calm down. Soon I am going to write another story on which is very hot and sexy guys. And I will also tell the name of a website where my brother and I are making and posting videos these days. So that you people can now enjoy the story along with the dance on YouTube.

I hope you guys will definitely come here again to read my stories. Till then you allow me.

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